Army Signals Team: Job Insights [Video]

The Army’s Signals Team operate advanced technology to provide secure and effective communication over large distances on the battlespace. Learn how Telecommunication Technicians, Information Systems Technicians and Communication System Operators work together to ensure the right message is delivered at the right time to achieve the mission. Learn more at:


Drone footage shows the extent of devastating fires burning in Amazon rainforest – well above historic average for 3rd consecutive year — Earth Changes – [Video]

Shocking drone footage has shown the dramatic impact fire is having in the pristine Amazon jungle in Brazil. The footage, taken by Reuters on Sunday, show the aftermath of a massive fire in the Apui, Amazonas State region. Satellites registered…


Zion Nuclear Power Station | Spectroom [Video]

Zion Nuclear Power Station was the third dual-reactor nuclear power plant in the Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) network and served Chicago and the northern quarter of Illinois. The plant was built in 1973, and the first unit started producing power in December 1973. The second unit came online in September 1974. This power generating station is located on 257 acres (104ha) of Lake Michigan shoreline, in the city of Zion, Lake County, Illinois. It is approximately 40 direct-line miles north of Chicago, Illinois and 42 miles (68km) south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Tesla Plaid Review – The KING of EVs! [Video]

Go to for more info – it’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee!I finally get my hands on the new Tesla Model S PLAID edition! Does it live up to the hype? Let’s check it out. // Learn to work with data like I do for free Check out my favorite app for tracking your Tesla’s performance, finding the best superchargers, and connecting with other Tesla Owners at What I Recommend For Your TeslaModel Y Accessories – 3 Essentials – Partners I RecommendTuro Car Rental – Tonight ($25 off) – (financial health app) – (Cash back for online shopping) – Accessories – Sage Solar Calculator – (waterless washing) – Ways to Stay ConnectedYT Subscription – – List – CreditsEditing: Ben SullinsGraphics: Ben SullinsProducer: Katie FeltonAudio: Xijin Chan: Ben Sullins// Music by Epidemic Sound// DisclaimerI may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services linked above. Your purchase helps support my work in bringing you the data and analytics behind the world.// About Tesla Palladium (Plaid)The Palladium refresh was announced in January 2021 with initial deliveries in June 2021. The refresh included a new interior, new powertrain, suspension and thermal management amongst other improvements.[186] The refresh originally consisted of three models, the Long Range (LR), the Plaid, and the Plaid+, although the latter was cancelled shortly before deliveries began. The “Plaid” name is applied to the performance model and is a reference to the only speed faster than “Ludicrous” in the movie Spaceballs.[187]The Plaid model includes one motor for the front wheels and one motor each for the two rear wheels (starting price $131,100).[188] At the core of the Plaid’s performance are innovative new motors featuring a carbon-wrapped rotor to allow much higher motor RPM.[189] Musk claimed that this presented challenges, because carbon and copper (the rotor material) have different thermal expansion rates.[190] The Long Range model includes the front motor and a single rear motor (starting price $80k, but raised to $85k soon after deliveries began).[191]The Palladium models have the lowest drag coefficient of any production car with Cd=0.208.[192] The new HVAC system uses a heat pump that Tesla claims provides 30% longer range and requires 50% less energy in freezing conditions than the previous Model S.[193] Charging was claimed to increase by 187 miles (301 km) in 15 minutes (on a 250 kW Supercharger).[192] The interior features a non-circular “yoke” steering wheel, a landscape-oriented center video screen, a video screen for the back seat, increased headroom and legroom, particularly in the rear seat area, lower noise via acoustic glass, a new, customizable user interface, and improved gaming (via the AMD RDNA 2 GPU).[192][194] The company estimated that deliveries will reach 1000/week in Q3 of 2021.[191]The Plaid has 1,020 horsepower (760 kW) and 1,050 pound-feet (1,420 N⋅m) of torque. It was independently tested by Motor Trend to go 0–60 mph (0–97 km/h) in 2.07 seconds (1.98 on a prepped drag strip) and cover a quarter-mile (400 m) in 9.34 seconds at 152.2 mph (244.9 km/h).[195] Tesla claims it will reach a 200 mph (320 km/h) top speed.[191]