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Texaco helps the environment and community with free gas giveaway [Video]

Want a chance to win free gas for a year? Join HI Now host Rachel Pacarro as she heads down to Texaco in Hawaii to learn more about the contest.Sponsored by Texaco in HawaiiIn celebration of Zero Emissions Day on September 21st, Texaco is giving away free gas for a year with 100% of the emissions offset by the Hoala Program!Island Energys Hoala Program believes that the most efficient way of protecting the environment is by investing both dollars, and volunteers to support strategic local projects that contribute to the revitalization and restoration of the Hawaiian environment.Gas powered cars and trucks emit harmful carbon emissions into the atmosphere. The Hoala Program helps to offset those emissions by up to 30% normally. However, due to the special occasion, they will be offsetting up to 100% of the carbon emissions by investing in certified projects like solar power. Its a simple way for you as a driver to lower your carbon footprint. You dont do anything extra. Hoala takes care of it and offsets your carbon emissions, says Heather Namahoe, Brand Manager of Texaco in Hawaii.The contest runs till September 30th, so hurry to your neighborhood Texaco to enter. When you arrive, find the nearest contest signage, scan the QR code, and fill out the information. For more details, please visit forget to join Texaco on Zero Emissions Day and fill up your tank while helping the environment. On September 21st, Hoala will be offsetting 100% of all fuel purchases made at any of the 58 locations across the state. Plus, if you are one of the first 50 customers to fill 8 or more gallons of gas, you will get a free eco-friendly Chico tote bag!For more information:,, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok: @texacoinhawaii

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Alberto Mellado Moreno on the Comcaac sustainable fishery [Video]

Moreno describes the impacts of climate change on the fishery, and the resiliency of the tribe for the last 3000 years, and how they weathered Covid. He speaks on the dress, and facial markings on the young women, and womens leadership in conservation, and monitoring of the water, and fishery conditions in the territory. He shows un precedented images of the tribal culture, and speaks on this new book.


Online Artwork Approvals: get jobs on press faster [Video]

Tracking proof approvals is a time-consuming and complex process. Label Traxxs new Artwork Approvals tool provides an easy interface for you and your label-buyer customers to work together online towards agreement on proofs. Speed up your proof approvals process and get jobs on press faster.


Timbalands Beatclub Becomes The First Music Startup To Be Invited Into IBMs Accelerator Program [Video]

Timbalands Beatclub is set to become the first music-tech startup to be invited to join the IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator, a mentorship program dedicated to providing startups with data protection, privacy, and security solutions while pushing for advancement in the startup ecosystem. The premier global marketplace for []


Can the production of thermal transfer materials be sustainable? [Video]

Pierre-Arnaud Hommel, communications manager of Armor Thermal Transfer Activity, speaks about the environmental impact of the company’s production facilities, the importance of sustainability, and technical innovations allowing to lower its customers carbon footprint.