Climate Change

Prince Charles urges leaders to do more than ‘just talk’ on climate [Video]

For Prince Charles, it can be anything from ditching dairy for one day a week to filling up a 51-year-old Aston Martin with some surplus English white wine.


TC: 529 Super Hero Herbs! with Our Food Guru, Catie Fitzgerald 10/10 by Transformation Cafe [Video]

Join us as welcome back to the cafe our food guru Ms. Catie! Catie will be sharing about the super hero herbs that will all need as we dealing with the continued stresses of life. The benefits of adaptagens! We’ll learn what herbs can help us deal with stress and how to optimize our health and wellness. She will also be sharing about the keys over 50. The Five things you need to know as we move into or wisdom rich years. The Transformation Cafe…an exiting place where super power herbs aren’t just an accent to our cooking but vital support system with nature at it’s best!


Couple accused of trying to sell nuclear secrets hidden in peanut butter sandwich [Video]

The FBI has arrested and charged a Maryland couple with attempting to sell US nuclear secrets to another country in exchange for cryptocurrency, according to a Department of Justice statement.