Five in Ten 10/13/21: Endgame of the War on Cash 10/13 by SkyWatchTV [Video]

Central banks around the world are working to create their own digital currencies to compete with Bitcoin. However, they want to make their digital dollars programmable, so they can control how and with who you spend your money. SkyWatchTV was banned by YouTube! Please follow SkyWatchTV on Rumble: 5) Orchestrated crisis at the southern border; 4) Central bank digital currencies setting up the mark of the Beast; 3) Lebanon’s economy, power grid collapse; 2) Popular dictionary redefines terms to marginalize half of America; 1) Where are all the workers?

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Money saving tips: Family shocked they could save over 4,000 by going green | Personal Finance | Finance [Video]

SHOP WELL FOR THE PLANET viewers saw Chris Bavin and Jo Page save the Fortington-Neave’s, a family of four, more than 4,000 as well as reducing their average carbon footprint to 11,500 tonne, which is under the national average. The BBC One show premiered tonight and aims to help families go green, as well as trying to save them some money.