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LOL: Climate Change CRAZIES In Action [Video]

LOL: Climate Change CRAZIES In Action #Shorts #ClimateChange #CandaceOwens #CANDACE #GretaThunberg


WASP Opens Their First Spanish 3D Printing Hub This Weekend at Madrid Mini Maker Faire – | The Voice of 3D Printing [Video]

This weekend, the Madrid Mini Maker Fairewill draw a mix of makers, instructors, businesses and curious onlookers to Spains capital city for workshops, exhibitions, presentations and more, celebrating the creative DIY culture. As always, 3D printing will be a significant presence at the event, and for one company, this particular Maker Faire is even more reason to celebrate than others. During the faire this weekend, WASP will open their first hub outside Italy, bringing their open source technology and sustainable DIY philosophy to Spain for the first time.


🔴 Tell me about yourself ? RRB PO Interview tips – Why Self Intro is so Important 🔥 [Video]

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Blake Griffins sweat equity and Elon Musk investments [Video]

The Brooklyn Nets veteran forward Blake Griffin takes us through the evolving relationship with his brother, Taylor, who helped fuel Blakes competitiveness as a kid and now works as a business partner to help manage their diverse portfolio of projects and investments. Blake touches on a few of their investments, including Elon Musks SpaceX, a massive return on a sweat equity deal with Hyperice and real estate


Kissed by a Fox: Friendship in Nature-Priscilla StuckeyDr. Zohara Hieronimus 10/15 by Barbara DeLong [Video]

“Dissatisfaction with nature flows throughout Western civilization, as deep as its blood, as abiding as its bones. Convinced to the marrow that something is deeply wrong with nature, . . . the Western world tries to remake it into something better.” For Priscilla Stuckey, this is a fundamental and heartbreaking misconception: that nature can be fixed, exploited, or simply ignored. Modern societies try to bend nature to human will instead of engaging in give–and–take with a living, breathing land community. Using her personal experiences as the cornerstone, Stuckey explores the depth of relationship possible with the birch tree in our backyard, the nearby urban creek, the dog who settles on our bed each night. Drawing inspiration from sources as varied as ancient philosophers and contemporary biologists, Stuckey challenges readers to enact a different story of nature, one in which people and place are not separate, where other creatures respond to human need, and where humans and all others together create the world. With the eloquence of the great nature writers before her, Stuckey encourages us to open ourselves to the unlimited possibilities of a truly connected life. Hosted by Dr. Zohara Hieronimus Produced by Hieronimus & Co. for 21st Century Radio®. Edited version provided to Nightlight Radio with permission.