Geography Art | USA Map Drawing & Painting With American Flag [Video]

Love the video? Then check out some of our other videos here ➡️➡️➡️ you are looking for how to draw a USA map with the American flag and love timelapse videos then this is the vid for you to kick back and enjoy the artwork of the United States map._________________________________________________✅Materials Used: 6 Inch Clear Acrylic Ruler – Paint Brushes – 11×14 Bristol Board Paper (Cut Into 5×7) - Atramentis Archive Ink – Safari Pens – Professional Acrylic Gesso – Col-Erase Pencil Set – Eraser Pen – Markers – Acrylic Gouache – Jerry’s Artarama Uni Posca PC-1MR White Pen (Set of 3) – 2 bracket Tripod – Desk T Light Lamp – Ax53 Camcorder/Camera -🎧[Music]Songs are from Epidemic Sounds (Try royalty-free music without ever having to worry about copyright on your videos) Lions – Mary Riddle_________________________________________________#GeographyArt #USAMapDrawing #USMapDrawing


Nuclear power | The Philosopher and the Fool Ep 84 [Video]

At some point a lot of people seem to become experts on nuclear power Cameron decides to go do some digging and research on the matter and came up with a lot of interesting points on it. this and more on The Philosopher and The Fool.Adrian von Ziegler- Into SunlightVindsvept- Frozen in TimeCheck them out. All of my material is under a CC BY 4.0 License, more information about it can be found here:….


Solar-Powered Electric Vehicles Are Almost Ready to Hit the Road [Video]

Startups from the Netherlands to California are developing vehicles capable of harnessing energy from the sun.