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Poland 2022: Energy Policy Review [Video]

More info: International Energy Agency regularly conducts in-depth peer reviews of the energy policies of its member countries. This process supports energy policy development and encourages the exchange of international best practices and experiences to help drive secure and affordable energy transitions.Poland’s energy policy aims to decarbonise its energy supply through expanding renewable energy, introducing nuclear energy, powering transportation through electricity, and increasing energy efficiency across the economy. A central aspect of Poland’s energy policy is reducing the reliance on coal, especially for electricity generation and heating buildings. There is a strong policy focus on energy security and ensuring a just transition that maintains affordable access to energy and protects vulnerable consumers while promoting economic growth.Poland has made notable progress on its energy transition. It has one of the fastest growing markets for distributed solar PV in Europe and it has developed a strong programme to drive offshore wind deployment. Poland has also taken important steps to improve energy security, such as diversifying energy imports away from Russia. However, the country’s energy mix is still dominated by fossil fuels. All sectors have considerable work ahead to meet targets for increasing the share of renewables, lowering energy demand and reducing emissions.In this report, the IEA provides a range of energy policy recommendations to help Poland smoothly manage the transition to an efficient and flexible low-carbon energy system.


Power Sector Daily Update 10 May 2022 [Video]

#Energy #News #Power #IEX #Goa #NTPC #Dastur #CoalIndia #AshokLeyland #HeroElectric #Anand #Puducherry #ICRA #Borosil #Kadamba  States & Companies taking necessary steps to face Coal shortage Dastur Energy to build Blue H2 unit for Coal India Updates related to EV Ecosystem The Puducherry government signed a PPA with NLC for purchase of 100 MW electricity from the Talabira thermal power project of NLC in Odisha Higher coal imports may push power supply cost for discoms by 4.5- 5 per cent in FY23 as pre ICRA analysis Borosil Renewables will invest Rs 1,500 crore over the next two years to expand its capacity by nearly 2.5 times and supply 15 GW of solar modules by FY25. Goa government is in the process of lobbying with the Centre for nearly 1,200 electric buses for its Kadamba Transport Corporation


[TEST DRIVE] Miranda drives the 2022 KIA Niro EV [Video]

The steep and steady rise in gas prices has shoved EVs into a limelight they may not have been fully ready to occupy just yet, but here we are. While some manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the demand for range and technology, others like KIA have taken an already kind-of-OK product, and elevated it into something electrifyingly good.FULL REVIEW:


OUTDATED Career Advice You Need to IGNORE [Video]

You don’t use fax machines anymore… so what do you listen to advice from the era where telegrams reigned supreme? Well, today you start IGNORING outdated career advice handed down from your parents, that don’t apply today. And if you’ve been following this terrible career advice… don’t worry, it’s never too late to quit :)Shhh! The super secret presale I mentioned is up until 05/12/ Intro0:45 Don’t Be a Job Hopper2:57 Fake It Till You Make It4:54 You Have to Pay Your Dues6:30 Just Be Thankful to Have a Job8:45 You Have to Work Hard to Get Ahead************************WATCH THIS NEXT: Working Hard is Ruining Your Career 🛑************************LET’S HANG OUT!Join Wednesday AMA (ask me anything) on my Insta”Instagram: career advice + motivation here:TikTok I still hang most days over on LinkedIn too: business and partnership inquiries ONLY, email************************SUCCESS HABITS & RESOURCESJoin my private community, the Strive Squad (it’s free!)’m all about productivity tools, great books, and sanity savers in general. Browse my favorites in my Amazon Store: your bookworm on when you’re on the move. Audible is my OBSESSION, and it helps me read an extra 1-2 books per week. Get 30 days free: my 30 books in 30 days challenge, and make it easier with Kindle Unlimited (your first month is free!): the best means you keep your knowledge up to date, for this I love Skillshare! Get a free trial:*************************Note this description contains affiliate links that allow you to find the items mentioned in this video and support the channel at no cost to you. While this channel may earn minimal sums when the viewer uses the links, the viewer is in NO WAY obligated to use these links. Thank you for your support!*************************#career #careeradvice #careerbestie


This Waterproof Deck System is KILLER! (Build Show Fan Remodel Tour) [Video]

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