Flooring Faults and Fixes – Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford (S16|E1) [Video]

Laying laminate flooring is a very DIY-friendly project. In this episode Danny helped a homeowner install a floating laminate floor in a laundry room.#DIY #HomeImprovement #HouseRepairSubscribe to Today’s Homeowner for more great home improvement videos:’s Homeowner Television is the highest-rated, Emmy-nominated home improvement TV show syndicated in the U.S., reaching more than 2 million weekly viewers with fresh, practical and trusted advice for maintaining and improving homes. In its 24th season, Today’s Homeowner is the second-longest syndicated running home improvement show in the U.S., boasting the exclusive father-daughter team Danny Lipford and Chelsea Lipford Wolf.Visit Today’s Homeowner:

Climate Change

Tackling biodiversity loss and climate change with Greta Thunberg | Natural History Museum [Video]

Join Greta Thunberg and the Natural History Museum for an online schools event to discuss biodiversity loss – one of the themes of Greta’s new book, The Climate Book. Recorded in London earlier this year, Greta took part in a discussion with Museum biodiversity researcher Dr Adriana De Palma and a small group of young people about the importance of tackling biodiversity loss alongside climate change and how the solutions are linked. You can watch the premiere of this event and have your questions answered live by the Museum’s Dr Adriana De Palma and Science Communicator Dr Khalil Thirlaway.The Climate Book is published by Penguin out more about biodiversity loss, climate loss and the changes humans have made to the planet Introduction01:00 What is biodiversity and why is it important?04:41 How are biodiversity and the climate crisis linked?06:41 What is the difference between a monocultural plantation and a natural ecosystem?08:31 How bad is the biodiversity crisis currently and how are we measuring this?19:12 What are the large-scale solutions we need?24:40 How does Greta Thunberg keep motivated in climate activism?26:29 What can young people do to get involved?31:35 How can people get involved in activism when they feel they don’t have a voice?36:02 What advice would you give to young people who want to protest?39:20 Who do we hold accountable for the damage to our planet and how do we do that?44:00 How hopeful are you about COP27 and will it deliver us what we need?48:48 Do you think power abuse in governments has allowed them to get away with inaction towards the climate crisis?51:11 What can governments do to encourage companies to be carbon neutral or negative?—————-The Natural History Museum in London is home to more than 80 million objects, including meteorites, dinosaur bones and a giant squid. Our channel brings the Museum to you, from what goes on behind the scenes to surprising science and stories from our scientists. Subscribe to our channel for the latest films and live broadcasts about the natural world our shop: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: