Business Calendar: another U.S. jobs surprise? [Video]

STORY: From the latest U.S. jobs numbers to turbulence in crypto markets, these are the stories to watch out for in business and finance over the coming days.Markets are hopeful the Fed will soon slow down the pace of its aggressive rate hikes. Friday’s November jobs data could put that expectation to the test. The U.S. economy likely creating 200,000 new jobs — according to a Reuters poll — the smallest gain since December 2020. Still, five of the last six jobs reports have topped consensus estimates.Wednesday’s preliminary November estimate of inflation in the euro zone is likely to show price pressures remain strong.Inflation in the bloc was 10.6 percent in October — more than five times the European Central Bank’s 2 percent target. A record number of COVID-19 infections and new lockdowns across China have dampened hopes that the world’s number two economy will reopen next year. And manufacturing indicators, mainly PMIs, might attest to the weakness already seen across the economy.There are, however, some reasons to be hopeful in the measures announced for the country’s ailing property sector. Cryptocurrencies will likely remain under pressure, as the industry nervously waits for fallout from the collapse of crypto exchange FTX.Top of mind is crypto broker Genesis, which said it had “no immediate plans to file for bankruptcy”, after media reports it was struggling to raise cash.Bitcoin fell to a two-year low that day — though if anything — it’s holding up better than anticipated.Suddenly England’s two most famous soccer clubs — Manchester United and Liverpool — are up for grabs to the highest bidder. Chelsea and AC Milan have already fetched top dollar this year — sparking speculation that United could go for nearly $8.5 billion.


Giant bugs star in Paris light show [Video]

STORY: France’s National Museum of Natural History took advantage of the shorter days, illuminating organisms that are usually tiny into giant replicas, to highlight how essential they are to our ecosystem.”We would be nothing without this biodiversity on the minuscule level, and the whole system of life on earth is based on this microscopic biodiversity, which we often ignore, that we neglect, and which is nevertheless totally essential to us,” said museum president, Bruno David.Designed in conjunction with scientists from the Museum of Natural History, the sculptures are original creations lit with low-consumption LED bulbs. They also added that to save energy, they are switching off illuminations an hour early, from 10:30pm to 9:30pm.