Appraisal: Folk Art Portrait of a Child, ca. 1838 | Antiques Roadshow [Video]

GUEST: Well, this is a portrait. It's my great-great- grandmother. It was in my grandparents' house

for years and passed down through the family, my dad, and now it's… hanging in my home.

APPRAISER: And where did your great-great-grandmother live?

GUEST: She was born in Essex, Connecticut, and that's all I know other than the year,

I believe it was 1836.

APPRAISER: Essex, Connecticut, is located on the Connecticut shoreline. It's about halfway

between New Haven and New London. This is a primitive portrait. It's an oil on canvas

that was done by an itinerant artist. We have not been able to identify the hand yet.

GUEST: Okay.

APPRAISER: So we need to do a little research. This child is two to three years old, so we're

looking at a portrait that was done about 1838. And she's just glorious. It's what you

want in a portrait, and it's what you want in a child's portrait. We see that she's wearing

this wonderful coral …

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