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Careers and employability

Warwick is one of the best universities for employment in the UK. Our students’ appeal to top employers means we frequently score highly in university employability rankings.

The knowledge, skills and experiences you gain throughout your course, and outside the lecture theatre, will help you excel in your future career. We know that everyone's concept of success is different, so we work closely with you to tailor our support to your needs.

We also help you build agile thinking and problem-solving skills. This means that, whatever challenges arise, you will have the confidence and capability to adapt. More than ever before, this is crucial to achieving success in today's workplace.

6th most targeted university by the UK's top 100 graduate employers.

The Graduate Market in 2021

(High Fliers Research Ltd.)

Career development support

We offer careers and skills support throughout your time at Warwick and after graduation. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we continue to adapt our offer to ensure the safety of all our students.

Currently, we provide: 

  • Real-time and recorded webinars and virtual workshops, including contributions from graduate recruiters 
  • Careers Fairs, which may be hosted virtually. These provide information on topics including CVs and Applications, Interviews, LinkedIn Profiles and Assessment Centres 
  • Appointments with our Team, which will be virtual whenever social distancing guidelines advise is appropriate 
  • Warwick Careers Blog with posts from the Careers Team, graduate recruiters, alumni and students 
  • Bespoke support from Senior Careers Consultants linked to specific academic departments 
Student blogger Mahnoor shares her experience of attending careers events at Warwick

Mahnoor Shoaib, Law With Year Abroad in English

“Inspiration can come from anywhere, so meeting people who have different goals and aspirations for their futures may open your eyes to the possibility of working in places that you would never have thought about otherwise. I was introduced to the very exciting idea of ethical hacking and the law (which I had previously never even considered) whilst speaking to an individual at a Warwick Scholars event! I would definitely recommend speaking to as many people as you can at these sorts of events, as you may just find your calling by exploring your options this way.”

Read Mahnoor’s story

Work experience while at University

There are around 8,000 opportunities to work or volunteer on campus.

Many of our students choose to take a part-time job while at University to help fund their studies. We even have an employment agency, Unitemps, on campus. Its team of helpful staff can help you find a part-time job that will fit around your study. Currently, due to restrictions around Covid-19, some of these jobs can be carried out either from home, or as a mix of working from home and working on campus.

Examples of opportunities available on campus include:

  • Part-time work in one of our cafés or bars
  • Working at Warwick Arts Centre
  • Joining our team of Student Ambassadors. This involves sharing your experiences with prospective students at events such as Open Days
  • If you enjoy writing and producing your own content, you may want to apply to join our team of student bloggers

Unitemps can also help you find a job in the local area – in sectors such as events, retail and catering. They have a second branch in nearby Canley, so you can visit whichever branch is most convenient for you.

Student placements

Some degrees at Warwick offer a work placement year, or year in Industry, as part of the course. All our students have the option to apply for a voluntary year out, or year abroad. This can be spent completing a work placement, in the UK or overseas.

You can find out which courses incorporate a work placement by searching our Undergraduate course list.

Other options can include shorter local and international student internships. Due to the changing nature of today's workplace, these could involve either face-to-face or remote working. If you are wondering, 'What is an internship? our team are happy to help you decide if it is the right option for you.

Starting an enterprise

We encourage or students to think outside the box, taking calculated risks in a safe environment with our student enterprise programme.

Warwick Enterprise runs a free online course, Warwick Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme. This is designed to help you develop the right mindset to become a student entrepreneur. It is open all year round, allowing students to complete it at their own pace, alongside their degree.

There are also opportunities for student entrepreneur grants to develop your own enterprise, such as the Lord Rootes Fund. Recent graduate, Maddie, reveals how receiving funding helped her start the Warwick Cup enterprise.


Become a student volunteer and you can gain valuable life experience and transferable skills which boost your employability. It is also an opportunity to transform the lives of people and communities. Through Warwick Volunteers, we offer a huge number of volunteering opportunities on campus and in the local community. This could be anything from work in schools or with vulnerable adults to environmental projects.

If you'd like to volunteer overseas, there are projects such as Warwick in Africa. This life-changing programme, enables our students to teach in Ghana, South Africa and Tanzania.

Volunteering with Girlguiding helped blogger Ellie develop her leadership skills

Ellie Upton, Film and TV

“I started off as a Brownie at about age 9 and have been working my way up the ranks ever since. I’m currently an Assistant Guide Leader in Training.”

Read about Ellie’s experiences

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