Don Sweeney Addresses Taylor Hall, David Krejci Negotiations [Video]

The second line of the Boston Bruins became a huge strength after the trade deadline.

Now, two of the three skaters are free agents.

Both David Krejci and Taylor Hall are ticketed for the open market this offseason, but both have expressed a desire to stay with the Bruins. Krejci effectively said that he wants to stay with Boston, while Hall has indicated on multiple occasions that he would like to work something out with the Bruins.

The man in charge of making that come to pass, Bruins general manager Don Sweeney, addressed the state of those talks Tuesday.

“In talking to both players at the end of the year, and even when Taylor got here, he?s expressed interest, mutual interest, to have him back,” Sweeney said Tuesday over Zoom. “Had an early conversation with his representatives and obviously, we?ll have to see where all of the pieces fit together.

“In David’s case, it’s very unique in the fact that he would like to continue …

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