Flaherty on MLB foreign substance memo: What are we doing? [Video]

MLB released a memo Tuesday, acknowledging that beginning June 21st, players found to be using illegal foreign substances or doctoring baseballs in any way will be subject to an automatic 10-day suspension. While most would agree these changes were long overdue, not everyone is happy about the league’s proposed crackdown on grip-enhancing substances and other products that could give pitchers a perceived advantage. That includes Cardinals ace Jack Flaherty, whose tweets Tuesday would indicate he’s no fan of baseball’s foreign substance crusade.

While some of the policies outlined in Tuesday’s memo have the potential to be disruptive (former Red Sox and Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon has argued that random glove and hat checks could prolong games while also throwing pitchers off their rhythm), those inconveniences are a small price to pay for restoring the game’s integrity. Curious to experience the effects of Spider Tack (which can be procured on Amazon for as little as $19.99), a number of Twitter users have experimented with the …

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