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GMB guest in tears as he describes how our children’s lives are under threat [Video]

Good Morning Britain guest George Monbiot broke down as he described the “collapse of our life support systems” caused by the climate crisis.

The environmental campaigner appeared on GMB to discuss the commitments of Insulate Britain campaigners who are willing to be imprisoned for their cause.

This comes after Insulate Britain protesters were jailed for blocking the M25 in October.

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Monbiot, known for his environmental and political activism, said: “What they’re desperately trying to do- any they really are desperate now- is say that the clock is ticking and time is running out on the greatest crisis we have ever faced.

“It’s almost unimaginable what we are facing now and it’s very hard to talk abut it without crying. Because it’s the end of everything. It’s the end of our hopes, our dreams, our ambitions, our loves, our hates.

“Everything we have dreamt of for our children, the good world that we want for them, that could go.

“If global systems, Earth’s systems, reach a tipping pint the planet will flip from a habitable state to an uninhabitable state.”

This week, nine Insulate Britain protesters have been jailed after breaching the ban on protests on the M25 on October 8.

Eight of these campaigners were sentenced to four months in prison, with one given a longer sentence of six months.

Insulate Britain is a small UK-specific campaign group which is supported by some members of Extinction Rebellion, but the groups are not officially integrated.

Insulate Britain have gained notoriety over the last few months for blocking major roads across the UK, with some protesters gluing themselves to the ground for the cause.

While they have received heavy criticis m from politicians and public figures, Insulate Britain claim that their methods are the most effective way to achieve change.

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Tesla Giga Berlin gets two more early approvals before next round of repetition talks [Video]

Tesla Giga Berlin has received two more early approvals, announced Brandenburgs Ministry of the Environment. Another round of repetition discussions about Giga Berlins full permit approval is scheduled to start on Tuesday. Giga Berlins latest set ofpreliminary permitsallow Tesla to construct more parts of the factorys wastewater pretreatment plant and install technical equipment in the []

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The largest lender State Bank of India (SBI) is chalking out its strategy to give loans based on environmental, social and governance or ESG scores. ET now has learned that borrowers with good ESG ratings will be incentivised. Green projects and products like Healthcare business loans, Green car loans, financing for polyhouse farms etc will be prioritised. The lender also plans to increase renewable energy sector loans from Rs 33,000 crore to Rs 50,000 crore.

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