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The root cause of your health challenge is solely mild oxygen deprivation.  More details below.


Here’s one video on body, back, and neck pain.  

This video is about healing cancer, AIDS, and 140 other health challenges.  

It supports every organ in your body, including the nervous system, the immune system, your red blood cells etc. 

I am not claiming cures; merely offering a free compliment to any treatment that people currently undergo.

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Everyone’s body reacts differently from a variety of toxins in the air, water, food, etc.  Bottom line, the body is imbalanced.  If your health challenge is not listed below, please email us.  I’m excited for you to find some answers you never thought were A. possible, and B. free.

Here’s the health issues that this website will support you with naturally, for free

About Us

We are a team committed to global health, and that people consider the oxygen diet shared here, and have a new access to be healthy as they want to be.


The four components that cause health challenges.

1. Genetics: Nothing to do here, it’s already done. You can use your parent’s issues as a sign that might happen to you.

2. Hormones: Pranayam and hormone balancing foods with balance yours.

3. Toxins: Pranayam detoxifies, as well as many other detox foods.

4. Emotional factors: Pranayam, healthy foods, and self development courses are all ways to be peaceful.  Tension Myonueral Syndrome. We draw pieces from many educations, and makes a lasting difference in people’s effectiveness, accomplishment, and aliveness. It may be hard to believe that food that derive from plants are bad, and meat heals. It will take a week to a month to get used to it. Text your side effects, we’ve all been there. The excess water in our body needs to come out somehow.

Back, neck, and body pain

Heal everything from your neck to your feet. 

I personally tried everything, except a meat based diet, to heal my back pain, from drugs, massages, chiropractic work, to a surgery involving anesthesia bending my back.  Today, I rarely have back pain.  Maybe five times a year, I have pain, and I will disappear the back pain within minutes, hours, or at worst three days.  Sounds too good to be true?  Either keep reading, call, or text me.  Be aggressive about learning and getting better if it means being free from your pain.  I’m at 917.282.6285.  I won’t ask you for a penny.  I’m free, and it didn’t cost me a penny, so I’m committed to paying it forward.  Read anyone of Dr. Sarno’s books, and heal your body pain within two months.  Start noticing relief after one month.

If you don’t believe it, I challenge you to read the book; you have nothing to loose.  Here it is, for free via the library.  If you would when it works pay it forward to others, buy a book, donate to this website’s marketing fund. 

Sarno’s first book Introduction and table of contents on this page.  

T.M.S. means Tension Myoneural Syndrome T.M.S.  Here’s the Doctor’s 12 daily reminders.

  1. The pain is due to TMS,not to a structural abnormality  
  2. The direct reason for the pain is mild oxygen deprivation
  3. TMS is a harmless condition caused by my repressed emotions
  4. The principal emotion is my repressed ANGER
  5. TMS exists only to distract my attentions from the emotions
  6. Since my back is basically normal there is nothing to fear
  7. Therefore,physical activity is not dangerous
  8. And I MUST resume all normal physical 
  9. I will not be concerned or intimidated by the pain
  10. I will shift my attention from pain to the emotional issues
  11. I intend to be in control-NOT my subconscious mind
  12. I must think Psychological at all times, NOT physical.

Visit Dr. Sarno’s site to get his books, videos, etc.  This website makes no money off of anything but donations.

Simple Instructions to get the brain to send more oxygen to the body:

Basically, just acknowledge what could be making me anxious, and what could be making me angry.  If the pain doesn’t subside it may be another cause to your anxiety or anger. 

For example, I may be dealing with money and love life. 

At first I acknowledge love life that I’m anxious if she’s the right one, and I’m angry that I don’t know if she’s the one. 

If the pain doesn’t subside, I will say to myself, “I’m anxious that I’ll never have enough money, and I’m angry that I don’t have an abundance of money.” 

If the second area still doesn’t subside pain, speculate what other area of life it could be. 

It takes at least six weeks of reading the daily reminders, Dr. Sarno’s book, and practicing daily to heal any physical pain.  It may take longer, in which case I recommend to re-read the book and ask yourself if you are really doing the the daily reminders. 


Dr. Sarno developed his theory as a result of working with patients suffering from back and joint pain. He noticed that a large majority of his patients had a previous history of tension-induced conditions such as heartburn, pre-ulcer symptoms, hiatus hernia, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, spastic colon, tension headache, migraine, and eczema. Not all doctors agree that these disorders are emotionally-induced, but based on his own clinical observations at the time, Dr. Sarno felt confident that indeed they were. This correlation between back pain and tension-induced disorders, and the failure of conventional back pain treatments, led him to believe that back pain may be caused by emotional tension.  

Copied below is some helpful information that I found on the web in a handout created by some students at Harvard and Radcliffe with Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI). While the focus of this summary is on ‘pain’ or what he calls TMS (Tension Myonueral Syndrome), the same principles apply to other physical manifestations that he calls ‘equivalents’ such as Spasmodic Dysphonia. 

The basic premise of Dr. Sarno’s TMS diagnosis is that the unconscious fear and anger can actually induce physiological changes. Every single person on earth experiences unpleasant emotions such as fear, anger, guilt, anxiety, shame, sexuality conflicts, identity problems, and dependency needs. We all have a self-image that we try to protect. We all want to think of ourselves as intelligent, successful, independent, strong, likable, sexy, invincible, immortal, patient, loyal, loving, a good husband or wife, a good son or daughter, a good mother or father. When situations arise that seem to threaten that self-image, our minds do everything possible to keep us from having to face that threat. It’s a built-in defense mechanism.

Your brain tries to shove any threatening emotions into your unconscious so you don’t have to become aware of them. Most of the time, when the feelings aren’t all that intense or threatening, your brain manages to keep them repressed. However, when the emotions are particularly strong, it’s harder to keep them tucked away, so your brain needs to create a distraction. It creates real physiological changes in your body, which in turn create real symptoms. These symptoms are painful or distressing enough to take your attention away from the threatening, unacceptable feelings. 

The emotions we’re talking about are unconscious. Lots of doctors and other health professionals say that stress can aggravate many medical conditions, but they’re usually referring to conscious, perceived emotions such as getting a bad grade, having an argument with a close friend, losing a pet – obvious sources of stress. We’re talking about the nasty, unconscious feelings that are simmering below the surface. These feelings are why even happy events like weddings and new jobs can cause the mindbody syndrome: seemingly happy events can often create pressure and fear (am I going to be a good husband, am I going to look fat in my wedding dress, am I going to be able to handle the responsibilities of my new job, etc.). 

After noticing that heating pads, massage, and physical therapy (all of which increase circulation to the applied area) seemed to temporarily alleviate his patients’ pain, Sarno hypothesized that the real cause of the pain was a reduction of blood flow to the soft tissues in the affected area, initiated by emotional factors (his books go into greater detail as to how the limbic and autonomous nervous systems could be capable of producing such a change). In Sarno’s experience, although TMS is painful, it causes no permanent damage to the soft tissues involved. Once his patients understood and accepted the fact that they were suffering from a tension-induced disorder, their pain quickly went away and they were able to resume their activities without restriction. 

To be perfectly clear: in this theory, the cause of pain is not the structural abnormalities (tendon or muscle tears, tissue inflammation, herniation, degeneration, decrepit muscles, etc) or behavioral “problems” (poor posture, a bad ergonomic setup, improper typing habits) typically identified by medical practitioners. None of them are responsible for the pain – none.

This is a tough idea for pain sufferers to swallow. People with these pain syndromes have usually been to at least one (and often several) practitioners and received structural diagnoses. However, Dr. Sarno contends that what is often diagnosed as tendonitis, bursitis, fasciitis, metatarsalgia, shin splints, tennis elbow, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome and so on is, in reality, just an area of soft tissues suffering from mild oxygen deprivation. Some people have structural abnormalities (such as herniated disks) which they think “prove” the structural diagnosis. You may have a structural abnormality – but abnormalities don’t necessarily cause pain. Lots of people who have no pain at all have all kinds of structural irregularities. Lots of people who have excruciating pain have no structural irregularities. 

How does your mind/body decide which physiological alterations to make in response to unacceptable emotions? You develop the symptoms that will work as the best distraction for you – the ones that you are least likely to attribute to emotional tension. As long as a patient believes that there is something “wrong” with their back or other joint, the pain will hang around. Why? Because it’s still working as a distraction. It is still successfully keeping the focus away from the unpleasant emotions in the unconscious mind. 

“We’re going to try to stop the body from reacting physically

to your emotions.”

“We want you to learn to send messages to the subconscious


“Information is the penicillin that cures this disorder.”

“The cure is wisdom.”

“The cure is knowledge.”

“Until now your subconscious mind has been in charge; I’m

going to teach you how to have your conscious mind take over.”

“Get mad at your brain; talk to it; give it hell.”

“TMS is a trick your mind is playing on you—don’t fall for it.”

“TMS is a sideshow designed to distract you from what is

going on emotionally.”

“The symptoms are an act to mask what’s going on in the


“Most of the structural changes in your spine are natural


“The brain doesn’t want to face up to the repressed anger, so

it is running away from it.”

“By laughing at or ignoring the pain you are teaching the brain to send new messages to the muscles.”

“We’re going to help you take the Sword of Damocles into

your hands instead of having it hang over your head.”

Here’s instructions on controlling your breathing to oxygenate your brain and body.

For skin, weight, hair, & chronic diseases…try pranayam.

I personally have quite a bit of acne.  When I commit to the proper human diet, water, regular excercise (now being popularized as “movement”), and this breathing exercise, my acne fades like magic.  The days I decide to break the diet, not drink water, or break my blood type diet the acne comes back.  I’m not perfect, I’m working it out.  People don’t breathe through each nostril equally. Simple instructions are below.  For best results do the following. 

Here’s the way to get the best results.  You can do the breathing exercise without the best results clues, and it will still greatly impact your health…

  • Do pranayam 3-4 hours after eating, and at least 30-minutes per day or 10 minutes here or there.  You may go longer than 30 minutes once you have practiced for a week or so. 
  • Your back must be straight up & down.  Comfortable erect spine, hips, shoulders, and head in line.  Moving the head forward reduces airflow.
  • Breathe from your abdomen.
  • Blow your nose first, & keep a tissue nearby. You also want to dry the inside of your nose.  To do that, stick the edge of the tissue in your nose, and keep feeding more tissue into your nose until you can’t fit anymore tissue in your nose.  The reason is that the airflow will dry out your snot, and turn to dried snot inside your nose.  You’ll want to do the same when you are complete with the exercise. You can also use a neti-pot to clear your nose.
  • It’s best done with a tree nearby. The more fresh oxygen, the better.
  • You may get light-headed or dizzy this is normal, don’t push yourself.  You can stop and start again later.  You are building muscles, and it takes practice.
  • Do it multiple times a day, go longer than a half an hour. 

More videos: 

 This video shows pranayam / alternative nostril breathing: 

Alternative nostril breathing, universal breathing exercise to increase oxygen flow through your brain and body.

Simple Instructions: There are over 26 different exercises.

 Breathe in 1 nostril for 2-3 seconds plugging one nostril with your thumb. Hold the breath in for 2-3 seconds. 

Exhale through the opposite nostril for 2-3 seconds by plugging the opposite nostril. 

As you practice you may inhale for longer, hold it longer, and breathe out longer.  Don’t push yourself too hard.

Another exercise is done for 5 minutes per day; Kapalbhati.

I breathe in for 2-3 seconds…  hold for 2-3 seconds, then out, out, out, out, out, out, 4-12 times. 

Here are other names of exercises; all of which are easily found on Google.   Bhastrika, Bhramri, Udgit, Ujjai, Ujjayi, Sitali, Sitkari, Details here: Descriptions of pranayam exercises.


  • People under 18 years of age should not do pranayam more than 35 minutes per day, and must concentrate on doing it properly.  
  • While driving or operating heavy machinery, do not hold your breath.
  • Do not do pranayam if you are in a hurry or if your chest feels congested.  
  • Do not do pranayam if your breathing is harsh or rough, and do not breath forcefully during pranayam.  
  • Avoid pranayam if you are depressed; however, if you have depression, you can do it when you are in a good mood.
  • Wrong practice of pranayam will not give benefits, and it may cause diseases.  
  • If you feel heavy, restless or irritated after doing pranayama, then you are doing it wrong. Consult a yoga expert for advice.
  • You should not over-do pranayama to the point of exhaustion or weariness.
  • Do not do too many repetitions (If doing alternative nostril breathing don’t do more than 10 breaths in a row through the same nostril).
  • Pranayama should not be performed mechanically 
  • Include change in your variety in exercises.  Two different exercises are here which is plenty, or you could search for other forms of pranayam.
  • Ensure you do pranayama in a non-violent and gentle manner.
  • Your breathing should never be irregular or jerky, but continuous, steady and smooth .
  • If you take medication or have a medical condition consult two doctors.

Food Guide Pyramid

Through over 10,000 hours of research from hundreds of people’s anecdotal evidence.

From Standard American Diet to Vegan Diet to Acne Cleansing Diet / Blood Type Diet / Atkins / Paleo / Keto to Carnivore / Proper Human Diet – I don’t know if I’ll always eat this way, but I think I will.

January 20, 2022: My 76 year old father in law with diabetes and 208 pounds, and myself, 38 with acne, family history of of heart problems on my father’s side, and breast cancer on my mom’s side.

Today: Diabetes gone, now it’s pre-diabetes, his waist is the smallest in ten years, pants shopping, acne fading.

Many people are mildly allergic to many different foods.  

If you’re not aware, I’d start with Dr. Shawn Baker, Dr. Ken Berry, Dr. Lisa Wiederman, Dr. Paul Mason, Dr. Paul Saladino, or Dr. Champion, Dr. Robert Klintz.  I’ve taken their knowledge and ran the information by the Veterans Administration Nutritionist, Cardiologist, and Nutritionist.  They all corroborated what these doctors are saying.  

People have told me that their doctor told them… (fill in the blank).  I always say, “Time to get a second opinion”. 

I’m noticing everyone’s unique foods, and there’s really a wide variety. 

For example, my wife doesn’t seem to be down to eating so much red meat.  She’s Italian, so I looked up Italian, specifically the Sardinians.  It’s mainly pork and fish.

I don’t really subscribe to the blood type diet anymore, but below has my experiences written before learning about the Proper Human Diet.


The most recent Food Guide Pyramid by University of Michigan has; oxygen at the bottom, followed by water, fruits and vegetables, then grain, fish, etc.  Depending on where your family is from fruits can act as your carbs. It seems now, that Meat (and possibly fruit) at the bottom of the food guide pyramid. Then Eggs between meat (fruit, if necessary), then butter at the top (or tallow, animal grease, ghee). Sparingly, Kiltz’s Ice Cream (if necessary).

I highly recommend you intake more oxygen, water, and a meat based diet.  Depending on the water in your location, you may want to filter the water.  Bottled water is not necessarily filtered.  There’s probably some foods that you’re allergic to, that you can find a free allergy test for. I’m asserting that any food that adds either waist-line, acne, makes a health condition worsen,  you may be allergic.  Other food will reduce waist-line, acne, etc. The breathing exercises will decrease the symptom severity.  If you are going to eat a food you know you’re allergic to, breathe more of the exercises.

Reaginic Pulse. This test, used for evaluation of food allergy, measures a person’s pulse (rate of heart beat) after eating a particular food. If there is a change in the pulse, either up or down, then the claim is made that the person is allergic to that food. 


Here, this information is interpreted into the following languages, and if you want more e-mail me. If there’s a misinterpretation, please e-mail me

Languages are in alphabetical order as you scroll down.  Arabic, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.  I speak fluent Spanish, and a tiny bit of Portuguese.  I may have a partner that speaks another language, so email, ask, and I’ll hire someone that speaks your language.  

ARABIC…T.M.S. يعني التوتر متلازمة التهاب العضل

ألم 1.The ومن المقرر ان مركز التقنيات التربوية، وليس لخلل في الهيكلية

2.The السبب المباشر للألم معتدل الحرمان من الاكسجين
3.TMS هو شرط الضرر الناجم عن مشاعري مكبوتة
4.The العاطفة الرئيسي هو غضبي المكبوت
5.TMS موجود فقط لصرف الانتباه بلدي من العواطف
6.Since ظهري هو في الأساس العادي ليس هناك خوف
7.Therefore وممارسة النشاط البدني ليست خطيرة
8.And أستأنف يجب كلها طبيعية البدنية
لن يكون 9.I المعنية أو للترهيب من قبل ألم
10.I سوف تحول انتباهي من الألم إلى القضايا العاطفية
11.i أنوي أن أكون في عدم السيطرة على عقلي الباطن
يجب أن نفكر 12.I النفسية في جميع الأوقات ، المادي لا.
للأمراض المزمنة… محاولة pranayam

الناس لا التنفس عن طريق الأنف كل على حد سواء. للحصول على أفضل النتائج…

* هل pranayam 3-4 ساعات بعد تناول الطعام ، وما لا يقل عن 30 دقيقة يوميا أو 10 دقيقة هنا أو هناك. يمكنك الذهاب وقتا أطول من 30 دقيقة مرة واحدة مارست لك لمدة أسبوع أو نحو ذلك.* يجب أن يكون ظهرك مستقيما ارتفاعا وانخفاضا.

* تنفس من بطنك ،

* ضربة أنفك الأولى ، والحفاظ على الأنسجة المجاورة. تحتاج أيضا إلى جفاف داخل الأنف. للقيام بذلك ، والعصا على حافة الأنسجة في الأنف ، والحفاظ على تغذية أكثر الأنسجة في الأنف حتى تتمكن من لا يصلح الأنسجة يعد في أنفك. والسبب هو أن تدفق الهواء سوف تجف نزلح الخاص ، وأنتقل إلى نزلح المجففة داخل الأنف. أنت تريد أن تفعل الشيء نفسه عندما كنت مع استكمال هذه العملية. يمكنك أيضا استخدام neti وعاء لمسح الأنف.

* من الأفضل القيام به مع شجرة قريبة. الأكسجين طازجة أكثر ، كان ذلك أفضل.

* يمكنك الحصول على ضوء الرأس ، وهذا أمر طبيعي ، لا تدفع نفسك

* هل لأنها عدة مرات في اليوم ، والذهاب أطول من نصف ساعة.

بديل التنفس الأنف وعالمية ممارسة التنفس لزيادة تدفق الأوكسجين عبر الدماغ والجسم.

تنفس في 1 فتحة الأنف لمدة 2-3 ثوان. عقد في التنفس لمدة 2-3 ثواني. التنفس عن طريق الأنف لمدة 2-3 ثواني العكس. كما كنت قد ممارسة التنفس في أطول ، لأنه عقد لفترة أطول ، والتنفس لفترة أطول. لا تدفع نفسك من الصعب جدا.

ممارسة أخرى أقوم به هو 5 دقائق في اليوم الواحد.

أنا في التنفس لمدة 2-3 ثوان… عقد لمدة 2-3 ثواني ، ثم الخروج ، الخروج ، من ، من ، من ، من ، مثل 4-12 مرات.

والكتاب من خلال pranayam جون Sarno ، وأنا لم يعد لدينا أي أمراض.

أنا أوصي الماء الذي تناول أكثر من ذلك ، المضادة للتأكسد ، وneti وعاء ، واتباع نظام غذائي متوازن.


T.M.S. des moyens de tension myosite Syndrome

1.Le la douleur est due à TMS, non pas à une anomalie structurelle
2.Le raison directe de la douleur est légère privation d’oxygène
3.TMS est une condition sans danger causé par mes émotions réprimées
4.L ‘émotion principale est ma colère réprimée
5.TMS n’existe que pour distraire mes attentions des émotions
6.Since mon dos est en fait normal, il n’ya rien à craindre
7.Therefore, l’activité physique n’est pas dangereux
8.And je dois reprendre tous les physiques normales
9.I ne seront pas concernés ou intimidés par la douleur
10.I passera mon attention de la douleur à des problèmes émotionnels
11.I l’intention d’être en contrôle, non pas mon subconscient
12.I faut penser à tout moment psychologique, pas physique.

Pour les maladies chroniques … essayez pranayam

Les gens ne respirent pas dans chaque narine aussi. Pour de meilleurs résultats …

* Ne pranayam 3-4 heures après avoir mangé, et au moins 30 minutes par jour ou 10 minutes ici ou là. Vous pouvez aller plus de 30 minutes une fois que vous avez pratiqué pendant une semaine ou deux.

* Votre dos doit être droit vers le haut et vers le bas.

* respirer de l’abdomen,

* Mouchez-vous d’abord, et conserver un tissu voisin. Vous voulez aussi pour sécher l’intérieur de votre nez. Pour ce faire, collez le bord du tissu dans le nez, et continuer à nourrir plus de tissu dans votre nez jusqu’à ce que vous ne peut pas tenir plus de tissus dans le nez. La raison en est que le flux d’air sec à votre morve, et se tourner vers la morve séchée à l’intérieur de votre nez. Vous aurez envie de faire la même chose quand vous avez terminé l’exercice. Vous pouvez également utiliser un neti pot-au clair de votre nez.

* Il est préférable de faire avec un arbre voisin. L’oxygène plus frais, mieux c’est.

* Vous pouvez obtenir de tête légère, ce qui est normal, ne vous poussez

* Faites-le plusieurs fois par jour, rendez-vous plus d’une demi-heure.

Respiration narine Alternative, exercice de respiration universelle pour augmenter le débit d’oxygène à travers votre cerveau et le corps.

Respirez dans 1 narine pendant 2-3 secondes. Maintenez la respiration pendant 2-3 secondes. Expirez par la narine opposée pendant 2-3 secondes. Comme vous le pratique, on peut humer en plus, il tenir plus longtemps, et respirer plus longtemps. Ne pas pousser trop fort même.

L’exercice d’autres que je fais est 5 minutes par jour.

Je respire pendant 2-3 secondes … Maintenez la position pendant 2-3 secondes, ensuite, à, à, à, à, à, comme 4-12 fois.

Grâce à pranayam et le livre de John Sarno, je n’ai plus aucune maladie.

Je recommande fortement l’eau vous plus d’admission, anti-oxydants, un neti pot, et une alimentation équilibrée.

GERMAN…T.M.S. bedeutet Tension Myositis Syndrome

1.Der Schmerz beruht auf TMS, nicht zu einer strukturellen Anomalie
2.Die direkte Ursache für die Schmerzen ist mild Sauerstoffmangel
3.TMS ist ein harmloser Zustand, der durch meine unterdrückten Gefühle verursacht
4.Die wichtigsten Emotion ist meine unterdrückte Wut
5.TMS existiert nur, um meine Aufmerksamkeit von den Emotionen ablenken
6.Since meinem Rücken ist im Grunde normal gibt es nichts zu befürchten
7.Therefore, ist körperliche Aktivität nicht gefährlich
8.And ich MUSS wieder alle normalen physikalischen
9.I nicht betroffen oder eingeschüchtert durch den Schmerz
10.I wird meine Aufmerksamkeit von Schmerz auf die emotionalen Probleme verschieben
11.I beabsichtigen, in Steuer-NICHT mein Unterbewusstsein sein
12.I müssen denken, zu allen Zeiten, nicht physische Psychologische.

Bei chronischen Erkrankungen … versuchen pranayam

Die Menschen wollen nicht durch jedes Nasenloch gleichermaßen atmen. Für beste Ergebnisse …

* Do pranayam 3-4 Stunden nach dem Essen, und mindestens 30-Minuten pro Tag oder 10 Minuten hier oder dort. Sie können gehen länger als 30 Minuten, nachdem Sie für eine Woche oder so geübt haben.

* Ihr Rücken muss gerade nach oben und nach unten.

* Atmen Sie aus Ihrem Bauch.* Putzen Sie die Nase zuerst & halten ein Gewebe in der Nähe. Sie wollen auch an der Innenseite der Nase trocken. Um dies zu erreichen, halten den Rand des Gewebes in der Nase, und halten Fütterung mehr Gewebe in der Nase, bis Sie passen nicht mehr Gewebe in der Nase. Der Grund dafür ist, dass der Luftstrom trocknet Ihre Rotz und wiederum getrocknet Rotz in der Nase. Sie wollen das gleiche tun, wenn Sie komplett mit der Ausübung sind. Sie können auch eine neti-Topf auf die Nase klar.

* Es ist am besten mit einem Baum in der Nähe geschehen. Je mehr frischem Sauerstoff, desto besser.

* Sie können sich benommen, das ist normal, nicht drängeln sich

* Machen Sie es mehrere Male am Tag gehen mehr als eine halbe Stunde.

Alternative Nasenloch atmen, universelle Atemübung zu Sauerstoff durchströmt Ihr Gehirn und Körper zu erhöhen.

Atmen Sie in 1 Nasenloch für 2-3 Sekunden. Halten Sie den Atem für 2-3 Sekunden. Atmen Sie durch die gegenüberliegende Nasenloch für 2-3 Sekunden. Wie die Praxis können Sie in mehr atmen, halten sie länger und länger ausatmen. Drücken Sie nicht selbst zu schwer.

Die andere Übung ich tue, ist 5 Minuten pro Tag.

Ich atme 2-3 Sekunden … halten für 2-3 Sekunden, dann raus, raus, raus, raus, raus, raus, wie 4-12 mal.

Durch Pranayama und John Sarno Buch habe ich nicht mehr alle Krankheiten.

Ich empfehle Ihnen Einlass mehr Wasser, Anti-Oxidantien, eine neti-Topf, und eine ausgewogene Ernährung.


T.M.S. तनाव Myositis सिंड्रोम का मतलब

1.The दर्द टीएमएस के कारण है, नहीं, एक संरचनात्मक विषमता को

2.The दर्द के लिए प्रत्यक्ष कारण हल्के ऑक्सीजन के अभाव है
3.TMS एक हानिरहित मेरी दमित भावनाओं के कारण स्थिति है
4.The प्रिंसिपल भावना मेरी दमित गुस्से है
5.TMS ही मौजूद भावनाओं से मेरी attentions विचलित
6.Since मेरी पीठ मूलतः सामान्य वहाँ डरने की बात नहीं है

7.Therefore, शारीरिक गतिविधि खतरनाक नहीं है
8.And मैं जरूरी फिर से शुरू सभी भौतिक सामान्य
9.I या नहीं चिंतित दर्द द्वारा धमकाया जाएगा
10.I भावनात्मक मुद्दों को दर्द से मेरा ध्यान शिफ्ट होगा
11.I को नियंत्रण में नहीं मेरे अवचेतन मन हो इरादा
12.I हर समय, नहीं भौतिक पर मनोवैज्ञानिक सोचना चाहिए.

पुराने रोगों के लिए … प्राणायाम कोशिश

लोग एक नथना के माध्यम से समान रूप से साँस नहीं. सर्वोत्तम परिणामों के लिए …

* खाने के बाद प्राणायाम 3-4 घंटे है, और कम से कम 30 दिन प्रति मिनट या 10 मिनट के यहाँ या वहाँ. तुम अब से 30 मिनट जाओ एक बार आप या तो एक सप्ताह के लिए अभ्यास कर सकते हैं.

* आपकी पीठ और ऊपर नीचे सीधे होना चाहिए.

* आपके पेट से साँस लो,

* अपने नाक पहला झटका, और एक ऊतक के पास रहते हैं. तुम भी अपने नाक के अंदर शुष्क करना चाहते हैं. लगता है कि, तुम्हारी नाक में ऊतक के किनारे रहना है, और अपनी नाक में अधिक ऊतक खिला रखना तुम अपनी नाक में अब ऊतक फिट नहीं कर सकते जब तक करने के लिए. कारण यह है कि airflow अपने गुस्ताख़ सूखा, और अपने नाक के अंदर सूखे पोंछने के लिए बारी है. आप भी ऐसा ही चाहते हैं जब आप व्यायाम के साथ पूरा हो जाएगा. तुम भी एक नेति बर्तन का उपयोग करने के लिए अपने नाक साफ़ कर सकते हैं.

* यह सबसे अच्छा एक पेड़ के साथ पास किया. अधिक ताजा ऑक्सीजन, बेहतर है.

आपको मिल सकता है प्रकाश की अध्यक्षता में *, यह सामान्य है, अपने आप को धक्का नहीं

* कई बार एक दिन में यह मत करो, एक आधे घंटे से अधिक समय चलते हैं.

वैकल्पिक नथना साँस ले, सार्वभौमिक श्वास व्यायाम आपके मस्तिष्क और शरीर के माध्यम से ऑक्सीजन का प्रवाह बढ़ाने के लिए.

2-3 सेकंड के लिए 1 नथुने से साँस लो. 2-3 सेकंड के लिए सांस पकड़ो. 2-3 सेकंड के लिए विपरीत नथना के माध्यम से बाहर साँस. जैसा कि आप अभ्यास तुम अब में सांस ले सकता है, यह लंबे समय तक पकड़ है, और बाहर लंबी सांस लेते हैं. अपने आप को बहुत मुश्किल धक्का मत करो.

अन्य व्यायाम मैं प्रति दिन 5 मिनट है.

मैं 2-3 सेकंड के लिए साँस लेने में … 2-3 सेकंड के लिए पकड़ है, तो बाहर, बाहर, बाहर, बाहर, बाहर, बाहर, जैसे 4-12 बार.

प्राणायाम और जॉन Sarno पुस्तक के माध्यम से, मैं अब किसी भी रोग है.

मैं अत्यधिक तुम सेवन अधिक पानी, विरोधी oxidants, एक नेति बर्तन, और एक संतुलित आहार सलाह देते हैं.


T.M.S. significa Síndrome da tensão Miosite

1.O dor é devido ao TMS, não a uma anormalidade estrutural
2.A razão direta para a dor é leve privação de oxigênio
3.TMS é uma condição inofensiva causada por minhas emoções reprimidas
4.O emoção principal é a minha raiva reprimida
5.TMS existe apenas para distrair minha atenção das emoções
6.Since de volta o meu normal é basicamente não há nada a temer
7.Therefore, a atividade física não é perigoso
8.And DEVO resume todos físico normal
9.I não estará em causa ou intimidados pela dor
10.I vai mudar a minha atenção da dor para as questões emocionais
11 º-I a intenção de estar no controle, não é minha mente subconsciente
12.I deve pensar psicológica em todos os momentos, não física.

Para doenças crônicas … tente pranayam

As pessoas não respiram através de cada narina, de forma igual. Para obter melhores resultados …

* Do pranayam 3-4 horas depois de comer, e pelo menos 30 minutos por dia ou 10 minutos aqui ou ali. Você pode ir mais de 30 minutos depois de ter praticado por uma semana ou assim.

* Sua volta deve ser para cima e para baixo.

* Respire de seu abdômen.

* Assoar o nariz em primeiro lugar, e manter um tecido vizinho. Você também quer secar o interior do seu nariz. Para isso, fure a borda do tecido em seu nariz, e manter a alimentação mais tecido em seu nariz até que você não pode caber mais tecido em seu nariz. A razão é que o fluxo vai secar o ranho, e convertei-ranho seco no interior do seu nariz. Você vai querer fazer o mesmo quando você está completo com o exercício. Você também pode usar um pote Neti para limpar o nariz.

* É o melhor feito com uma árvore próxima. O oxigênio mais fresco, melhor.

* Você pode ficar tonto, isso é normal, não se esforce

* Faça isso várias vezes por dia, vai mais do que meia hora.

Alternativa respiração nasal, exercício de respiração universal para aumentar o fluxo de oxigênio através de seu cérebro e corpo.

Respire uma narina por 2-3 segundos. Segure a respiração por 2-3 segundos. Expire pela narina oposta por 2-3 segundos. Como você prática, você pode respirar mais tempo, mantê-lo por mais tempo e respirar por mais tempo. Não se esforce demais.

O outro exercício que eu faço é de 5 minutos por dia.

Eu inspiro por 2-3 segundos … mantenha durante 2-3 segundos, em seguida, fora, fora, fora, fora, fora, fora, como 4-12 vezes.

Através de pranayama e livro de John Sarno, eu já não têm qualquer doença.

Eu recomendo a ingestão de água é mais anti-oxidantes, um pote neti, e uma dieta equilibrada.


T.M.S. Напряженность средств миозит синдром

1.The боль из-за TMS, а не структурные аномалии
2.The непосредственной причиной боли является мягким лишение кислорода
3.TMS является безвредным состояние, вызванное моей подавленные эмоции
4.The основной эмоцией мой подавленный гнев
5.TMS существует только, чтобы отвлечь мое внимание от эмоций
6.Since назад мои в основном нормальные ничего не бояться
7.Therefore, физическая активность не является опасным
8.And я должен возобновить все нормальные физические
9.i не будет заниматься или запуганы боли
10.I сместится мое внимание от боли в эмоциональных проблем
11.i намерены контролировать-НЕ моем подсознании
12.I должны думать Психологические во все времена, а не физические.

Для хронических заболеваний … попробуйте пранаям

Люди не дышать через каждую ноздрю в равной степени. Для достижения наилучшего результата …

* У пранаям 3-4 часа после еды, и по крайней мере 30-минут в день или 10 минут здесь или там. Вы можете идти дольше, чем 30 минут, как только вы практиковали в течение недели или около того.

* Ваша спина должна быть прямой вверх и вниз.

* Дышите от вашего живота.

* сморкаться во-первых, и держать ткань неподалеку. Вы также хотите сухой внутри вашего носа. Чтобы сделать это, придерживаться края ткани в носу, и продолжать кормить более ткани в носу, пока вы не можете поместить больше ткани в носу. Причина в том, что воздушный поток иссякнет ваше сопли, и очередь на сушеные сопли в носу. Вы хотите, чтобы сделать то же самое, когда вы полны упражнения. Вы можете также использовать нети-пот, чтобы очистить нос.

* Это лучше всего делать с дерева неподалеку. более свежий кислород, тем лучше.

* Вы можете получить легкомысленным, это нормально, не заставлять себя

* Сделайте это несколько раз в день, идти дольше, чем полчаса.

Альтернативные ноздри дыхание, универсальные дыхательные упражнения увеличить поток кислорода через ваш мозг и тело.

Дышите в 1 ноздрю в течение 2-3 секунд. Задержите дыхание на 2-3 секунды. Сделайте выдох через противоположную ноздрю в течение 2-3 секунд. Как вы практикуете вы можете дышать дольше, держать его больше, и дышать дольше. Не заставляйте себя слишком сильно.

другие упражнения я делаю, это 5 минут в день.

Я дышать в течение 2-3 секунд … провести в течение 2-3 секунд, затем из, из, из, из, из, из, как 4-12 раз.

Через пранаямы и книги Джона Сарно, я больше не имеют каких-либо заболеваний.

Я настоятельно рекомендую вам потребление большего количества воды, антиоксиданты, нети-пот, и сбалансированная диета.


T.M.S. Tensión significa Síndrome de Miositis

1.El dolor se debe a la EMT, no con una anomalía estructural
2.El razón directa para el dolor es leve falta de oxígeno
3.TMS Es una afección benigna causada por mis emociones reprimidas
4.El emoción principal es mi ira reprimida
5.TMS existe sólo para distraer mi atención de las emociones
6.Since mi espalda es básicamente normal no hay nada que temer
7.Therefore, la actividad física no es peligroso
8.Y que debe reanudar todos los física normal
9.I no se verán afectadas o intimidadas por el dolor
10.I cambiará mi atención del dolor a los problemas emocionales
11.I la intención de tener el control-no mi mente subconsciente
12.I hay que pensar en todo momento psicológico, no físico.

Respecto a las enfermedades crónicas … prueba pranayam

La gente no respirar a través de cada fosa nasal por igual. Para obtener los mejores resultados …

* No pranayam 3-4 horas después de comer, y por lo menos 30 minutos al día o 10 minutos aquí y allá. Usted puede ir a más de 30 minutos una vez que han practicado durante una semana o menos.

* La espalda debe estar recta hacia arriba y abajo.

* Respirar de su abdomen.

* Restos de su nariz, y mantener un tejido cercano. También quiere que se seque el interior de su nariz. Para ello, pegue el borde del tejido en la nariz, y mantener la alimentación de más tejido en la nariz hasta que no caben ya los tejidos de la nariz. La razón es que el flujo de aire se seca el moco, y girar a mocos secos en la nariz. Usted querrá hacer lo mismo cuando se completa con el ejercicio. También puede utilizar un frasco de neti para despejar la nariz.

* Es mejor hacerlo con un árbol cercano. El oxígeno de manera más fresca, mejor.

* Usted puede experimentar mareos, esto es normal, no te exijas

* Hágalo varias veces al día, pasar más de media hora.

Alternativa fosa nasal para respirar, ejercicio de respiración universal a aumentar el flujo de oxígeno a través de su cerebro y cuerpo.

Respire una ventana de la nariz durante 2-3 segundos. Mantenga la respiración durante 2-3 segundos. Respire a través de la fosa nasal contraria durante 2-3 segundos. A medida que la práctica puede respirar más tiempo, tienen más tiempo, y exhalar por más tiempo. No se exija demasiado.

El otro ejercicio que hago es de 5 minutos por día.

Yo respiro durante 2-3 segundos … Mantenga la posición durante 2-3 segundos, a continuación, fuera, fuera, fuera, fuera, fuera, fuera, al igual que 4.12 veces.

A través de pranayama y el libro de John Sarno, ya no tengo ninguna enfermedad.

Le recomiendo que la ingesta de más agua, antioxidantes, un pote del neti-, y una dieta equilibrada.