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It all started at Frankie’s Bar & Grill, New Jersey where we came up with the name NatEco, like Natural Ecosystem. After years of servicing all types of clients from telecom to charities, we knew what to do and how to do it.

Doug Robinson – LGCY Power founder and current CEO, had the vision to launch a solar company, enlisting co-founder and CSO Luke Toone for his extensive sales and management experience. Together, they committed to building something the right way – putting our customers’ needs first.

Lee Tyler – Is a radio phenom from 14-years old, he’s been promoting his high school’s radio station. He continued with the nation’s top college radio station as he ran cross country at Emerson College. He went on to work for CBS News, and has marketed for tons of Fortune 500’s and nonprofits.

Phone: 917.282.6285

E-mail: LeeTyler@NatEcosystem.com

This is where we met raising funds for the biggest charities in the world in New York City.
We’re excited for you to get a new roof and / or solar, and support Our Kids and Mother Nature!

Partnerships & Collaborations

That passion still burns brightly to this day, as Doug and Luke consciously designed a culture that perpetuates self-actualization in our employees and partners. The result is a lifelong journey of learning and growth, as we evolve with the solar industry while always delivering the premier customer experience.

At LGCY Power, we also believe that all people deserve to live in a better world, so we actively support charities and causes from homeless shelters and Habitat for Humanity; to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and humanitarian missions in developing nations.

With all of that said, we never have forgotten the most important person in our entire LGCY Power organization: you!

We realize that none of our success would be possible without you, the customer, homeowner, and those who refer us business, and we always remain grateful for your trust and patronage.

So, from all of us, thank YOU!

Chris Shipley – EVP LGCY – Over 15 years of experience in technology sales/marketing with specific strengths in corporate strategy, partner management, negotiating/resolving concerns, and closing. I am passionate about using technology and data to drive results and create new business cases and revenue streams for companies and clients.

Members of the LGCY Power team at the UV50 awards gala where the company was named the second fastest growing company in Utah County.
Members of the LGCY Power team, led by CEO Doug Robinson (middle) attending the Fast 50 awards banquet at the Grand America Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. This is the second year in a row that LGCY Power has been named one of the fastest growing companies in Utah. (PRNewsfoto/LGCY Power)