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National Climate Change Expenditure Tagging – Preparing for GOCCs’ climate budget [Video]

National Climate Change Expenditure Tagging – Preparing for GOCCs’ climate budget

Climate Change Commission’s CCET Helpdesk provides an overview of the National CCET and planning processes for tagging climate change PAPs, including the use of the Quality Assurance and Review form and Form 711 as prescribed under relevant Department of Budget and Management Corporate Budget Memoranda.

An overview on the climate change-related General and Special Provisions under the General Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2021 is also presented.

About the CCET

To mainstream climate change in government plans and programs, the Climate Change Commission, Department of Budget and Management, and Department of the Interior and Local Government led the institutionalization of Climate Change Expenditure Tagging (CCET) in national and subnational budget programming and expenditure tracking processes.

DBM-CCC-DILG Joint Memorandum Circular 2015-01 requires local governments to tag their climate change adaptation and mitigation programs in their annual investment plans.

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Climate Change

Arctic heat record affirmed: A fuel for climate change? | DW News [Video]

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has entered a new record into the World Weather & Climate Extremes Archive. In June 2020, the temperature in the Siberian town of Verkhoyansk soared to 38 degrees Celsius (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit)Subscribe: more news go to: DW on social media:Facebook:ür Videos in deutscher Sprache besuchen Sie: #ClimateChange #Siberia

Climate Change

‘Australia is ground zero for climate change’: ‘Burning’ documentary director [Video]

ABC News’ Trevor Ault speaks with Academy Award-winning director Eva Orner on her film “Burning,” an in-depth look at the catastrophic Australian wildfires and their connection to climate change.ABC News Live Prime, Weekdays at 7EST & 9ESTWATCH the ABC News Live Stream Here: SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch More on ABC News on FACEBOOK FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: #Australia #ClimateChange #Wildfires #EvaOrner #Burning #Documentary

Climate Change

The Tornado, Climate Change & Recognizing elemental warnings [Video]

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