New Design Din Rail Multi-Function Meter – Unboxing & Testing [Video]

New Design Din Rail Multi-Function Meter – Unboxing & Testing

– Model : D52-2066
– Good stability, standard size, high precision, easy to install.
– AC voltage: AC 40.0-300 or AC 250.0-450.0V.
– AC Current: AC 0-100.0A, the current resolution is 0.01A.
– Frequency: 45.0Hz – 65.0Hz
– Power Factor: 0.00-1.00PF
– Electric Power: 0-450000W, the electric power resolution is 0.1W when – measure electric power between 0-9999.9W, otherwise the electric power resolution is 1W.
– Electric Energy: 0-99999kwh, the display of electric energy resolution is 0.01kwh when measure electric energy between 0-999.99kwh, the display of electric energy resolution is 0.1kwh when measure electric energy between 1000.0-9999.9kwh and the display of electric energy resolution is 1kwh when measure electric energy larger than 9999.9kwh
– Measurement speed: about 2 times per second

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hydrogen cars vs electric cars | war between electric cars and hydrogen cars | cars of future [Video]

hydrogen cars vs electric cars | war between electric cars and hydrogen cars | cars of futureare hydrogen cars better than electric?hydrogen cars are also known as hydrogen fuel cell cars are a type of passenger vehicle separate from electric cars. hydrogen-powered cars are more similar to electric cars than the fact that they have no internal combustion engine. although, hydrogen cars can rarely be seen on the road. it all comes down to which one is better? hydrogen or electric ?here is everything you need to know about hydrogen cars and whether they are better than electric cars. to get the juiciest facts , you need to see out the video. now let's get down to it. let's get the main question out of the way first and before going into the technical details and comparing hydrogen and electric car technologies. let's first look into what hydrogen and electric cars are and how they work? hydrogen is the most abundant element on the planet and having powered engines as long ago as 1807, it's also the cleanest kind of fuel out there. a hydrogen cell fuel car has a hydrogen tank that feeds a fuel cell with high pressured hydrogen gas that'll mix with oxygen. this mixture starts as an electrochemical reaction produces electricity which is then used to power an electric motor to propel the vehiclewithout any toxic tailpipe emission. in fact, the only byproduct of the whole process is water and heat. which is produced as a result of the connection of hydrogen in oxygen atoms that forms water molecules. this means hydrogen cars have characteristics of both electric cars due to the use of electric energyelectric motor and lack of internal combustion engine while conventional petrol cars because of the tank. fuel cells are the main component of hydrogen-powered can think of them as the maestro of all the processes happening inside the car so that it has the energy to move. on the other hand, an electric car is powered by a lithium-ion battery. which supplies power to an electric motor to power the various parts of the vehicle. the batteries are recharged by plugging into the electricity grid , much as with any other electric device such as a computer or telephone. some types of electric cars can also provide themselves with a small recharge when braking by converting the heat that is produced into electricity. now with the basics out of the way , it all comes down to which one is better? but before concluding, let's look into and compare the important characteristics of each type of vehicle. hydrogen versus electric energy efficiency. hydrogen is inefficient because it doesn't occur naturally. it has to be extracted and then compressed into fuel tanks. so in the process of converting the hydrogen fuel to electricitymost of the energy is lost. because the energy must move from wire to gas then to wire to power a car. this process is called the energy vector transition. taking 100 watts of electricity produced by a renewable source such as wind turbine as an example to power a hydrogen fuel cell car that energy needs to be converted into hydrogen. possibly through the process of electrolysis ,which means passing it through water. this process is 75 percent energy efficient. so one-quarter of the electricity is automatically lost. after getting the hydrogen it further needs to be compressed chilled and transported to the hydrogen station and all this process is about 90% efficient. and also once inside the vehicle the hydrogen is converted to electricity by the fuel cell which is 60% efficient. finally, the electricity is used by the electric motors to propel the vehicle which is 95% efficient.putting all these together only 38 or 38 watts of the original electricity100 watts are used. on the other hand, the energy to propel electric vehicles comes straight from the battery pack. unlike hydrogen fuel cell cars , the energy runs on wires from the source to the battery. the same 100 watts of power from the same turbine loses about five percent of efficiency in this journey through the grid. it further loses 10% from charging and discharging the lithium-ion battery. and another 5% from having the electricity to power the electric vehicle that propels the car. so you're left with about 80 watts as compared to 38 watts with hydrogen fuel. it is clear that hydrogen vehicles are less efficient than electric vehicles are. hydrogen cars refueling stations versus electric car charging stations. there are over 10 million electric vehicles on the roads worldwide. and sales have been rising strongly and it will continue to be on the rise. and also the number of powering stations for electric vehicles is growing every day. as the number of electric vehicles increasesand there are more than 40,000 electric vehicle power stations in us alone.compared to 45 hydrogen refueling stations.



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