Recruiters/staffing agencies: are they worth the time and money? | [Video]

Finding a job today in any field entails convincing hiring companies that you have the necessary skills needed and are worthy enough to be given a personal interview. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics January 2022 job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS), job openings in Virginia have been held steady over the month” but have jumped by 50% compared to last year.

Since there are increased job openings, how will you apply for the jobs? Working with staffing agencies may or may not secure a job for you, but working with professionals can be beneficial. So, is it worth seeking professional help from a staffing agency when looking for a job?

What are staffing agencies?

Staffing agencies are firms that match companies with potential job candidates. They connect people with ideal jobs by filling their customer’s open positions.

Types of recruiters/staffing agencies and how you can use them to assist in your job search

In today’s competitive job market, knowing the different types of recruiters/staffing agencies is imperative for your job search. They include:

Traditional recruiters

Traditional recruiters help job seekers find a job but with a fee for their services.

Contingency employment recruiters

Contingency recruiters work for multiple clients concurrently and recruit for non-specialist or lower-level positions. They are normally paid once they’ve fulfilled their duty and thus are cost-effective.

Temporary recruiters

They are prevalent in working with industries with short-term projects. If you are seeking a temporary job, say in the IT sector, temporary recruiters are the best to work with.

Executive recruiters

These recruiters are ideal if you seek a job with a specific niche. They specialize in sourcing mid-level to high-level management positions.

Pros and cons of working with recruiters/staffing agencies

The benefits and drawbacks of working with staffing agencies include:


• Saves time and energy

• There are several options to choose from

• Quality and credible services

• Alternatives are given to your desired position


• There’s a risk of working with fraudsters in some agencies

• Working with recruiters can be time-consuming at times

• Provision of restricted guidelines by some agencies

How you can use recruiters to optimize your time

Recruiters can help you land a great career in your dream job. To use recruiters to optimize your time, you can do the following:

• Choose the right staffing agency

• Thoroughly research the agency you will work with

• Treat the interviews like the real interview

• Honestly, communicate with your recruiter

• Know the type of work you want but also keep an open mind to other opportunities

So, is working with recruiters/staffing agencies worth your time and money? Yes. Working with the right professional recruiters/staffing agencies is the right fit for you.

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