Renters should be treated with the same respect as homeowners [Video]

Remember when the housing minister Robert Jenrick said no-one should lose their home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic? 

The pandemic is still with us, not least thanks to Government complacency and incompetence in allowing the Delta variant to take root and spread in our communities.   

But that promise of support ran out on 1 June. People living in private rented accommodation in England now face the very real risk of losing their homes.    

Research from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation suggests nearly 1million renting households are worried about being evicted over the next three months.  

Many are grappling with debt, with low-income renters eight times more likely to be in rent arrears than wealthier households. 

The financial insecurity caused by this pandemic is still rife.  With the delay in the lifting of all lockdown restrictions, many of those who’d expected to be able to return to work this month now won’t be doing so.  

Tens of thousands are still …

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