Roofing / Batteries

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Many projects require more than just solar. We’ve been receiving lots of battery and roofing inquiries.

If you request just roofing, we’re ready to give you the wholesale discount.

We have many options for roofing. Ask our experts about the choices not given by 90% of roofers.

Regardless of your roof type, we can install solar at your home or office.

Roofing Materials

Depending on your area, we may have a better deal with a different manufacturer. We just used G.A.F. in Connecticut, and mainly use G.A.F. as they are based close by. We can get Owen’s Corning, CertainTeed, Malarky, Tamko, IKO, and metal roofing options. Get your brand new 3-D composition roof while all options are still available. CertainTeed, G.A.F., and SunTegra have the all new solar roofing shingles.

Ice and Water Shield

Tarco is our brand of choice. We’ll get you anything you want.

Find out if your state has a roofing program, we’ll get you all the information, leave the decision making up to you, and we’ll get you that info in the shortest period of time possible.


While generators are cost efficient, if you need a battery for work or for someone that needs medical equipment plugged into the wall.

Tesla Powerwall II available in all markets.

Warranties are 10-years, unless you need it, you may want to wait for technology to get better and prices to go down from $13,500 for just the refrigerator and some lights. $22k for more, if you use a lot, it maybe $32k or $42k to power the whole home. (A lot of people are financing for 5 – 30 years.)

“I have the power” – He-Man

Thomas Edison turned on our grid a little bit ago, so no wonder it’s the worst performing grid out of all the developed countries.

Connecticut has one of the best battery markets in the country. It’s already been perfect for hot climates for a long time. Rhode Island is very good too.

It seems like two batteries beats the generator, unless you want a small, loud, gas powered one.

Get excited for the most off-grid solution this side of the Dakotas.

My family usually lost power in the dead-heat of the summer. The A.C. goes out, the temperature inside starts to rise, we need to immediately cook all the frozen food (unless we have insurance). I hate wasting food. Depending on the severity, I booked a hotel for a day or two. Now, when we loose power, it’s for a few seconds, and our SolarEdge battery clicks on. The SolarEdge was slightly less expensive than the Tesla Powerwall II, and I liked the idea of having my inverter match my battery.

I used to take care of people with mental and physical disabilities. One of my favorite people needed a medical machine hooked up three times a day for about five minutes at a time. This is one case to always need power.

One of our favorite battery installs is for our customer that is crypto-mining. He has all these servers running 24/7, and he makes money off it. This was a clear reason for the battery.