Simon Sinek – business is a game of constant improvement [Video]

Simon Sinek – business is a game of constant improvement

Simon Sinek – business is a game of constant improvement.

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Don't Call Bevan Dufty San Francisco's Homeless Czar [Video]

About a month ago I was speaking at the National Alliance to End Homelessness conference when this nicely dressed white man raised his hand and asked me about black people using social media. Turns out Bevan Dufty has been asking lots of folks in the San Francisco tech community wheres our black friends?. Bevan holds the job that most communities refer to as homeless czar, but Mr Dufty wanted a title that was a little more encouraging so he asked the Mayor to be Director of H.O.P.E. (Housing Opportunity, Partnerships and Engagement) for the City of San Francisco. As many of you know I am at war with the use of acronyms. We have more than enough nonprofits with PATH in the title, and honestly, I have no idea what all these acronyms mean when I sit in meetings. But I support Director of H.O.P.E mostly because Bevan Dufty gives me real hope San Francisco will soon have great impact fighting homelessness. Bevan heard I was going to be in town and invited me to tag along with him for two days. It was truly an honor, although Mr Dufty didnt tell me in advance he scheduled me to speak at a homeless board meeting and then TRANS: THRIVE. He even tried to get me to speak at a shelter system hearing. But that is all just part of the Bevan Dufty whirlwind experience.


Grant Cardone Living With Kanye? [Video]

My reaction to Grant Cardone's INSANE $80,000,000 Malibu, California Mansion home tour. Is Grant Cardone living with Kanye?? Watch to find out...Link to the full house tour by Enez Yilmazer here: more reaction videos? Be sure to leave a comment and we'll keep them comingIf you are interested in buying or selling your home, please contact us directly at with any questions or inquiries you may have. Would you like your home or listing featured on the channel? Please reach out via email or by messaging us through Instagram, mcnicholssellssd.For more content on all things homes and San Diego check us out on TikTok and Instagram!TikTok: An2ooHomesInstagram: mcnicholssellssdAnthony McNichols DRE # 02120507Acropolis Enterprise, Inc. mcnicholsrealestate@gmail.comInstagram: @mcnicholssellssd#megamansion #california #luxurylifestyle #luxury #hometour #luxuryhomes #luxuryliving #milliondollarlisting #housetours #mansiontour #coronado #grantcardone #millionairemindset #malibu #reaction #reactionvideo #kanyewest #kanye #malibucalifornia #celebrity #celebrityhometour