How To Update Your Tub for $25 with Rustoleum Tub & Tile! [Video]

Dabbles!Today’s video is a continuation of my mini home-series, where I share different cost-efficient (aka cheap) tools in renovating your spaces to be refreshed, updated and feel new again! There’s so many unique and creative ways that people are updating their spaces these days, and I’ve been following along and trying them out and wanted to share them with you- whether they work or don’t. In this video, I share how I was able to update my tubs for less than $25 each with just using Rustoleum’s Tub and Tile – and no this is not a sponsored ad! I sincerely LOVE their products and share how I’ve used them for an old Jeep I had as well. I also show you how I used some soaps that smell great, feel good on your skin, and are adorable to include in your home decor!Check out this video on how I redid the bathtubs along with some other tips, and make sure to subscribe as I’ll be showing many other creative ways to update and remodel your homes in future videos!Dabble, Dazzle and Do Y’all!

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