Colossal Sunfish Wows Laguna Beach Paddleboarders [Video]

A colossal sunfish, possibly one of the largest on record, swam by a pair of paddleboarders in Laguna Beach, California, who “spent a good 30 minutes with the fish before it sank back down,” they told Live Science. Read more about it News • Videos • ExplainersSUBSCRIBE to the Live Science YouTube channel →→→→ Forums→ the science geek in everyone, breaks down the stories behind the most interesting news and photos on the Internet, while also digging up fascinating discoveries that hit on a broad range of fields, from dinosaurs and archaeology to wacky physics and astronomy to health and human history. If you want to learn something interesting every day, #LiveScience is the place for you. #Sunfish #GiantFish

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