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Solar photovoltaic (PV) cells are the world’s fastest growing energy source. In year t since 2007, … [Video]

Solar photovoltaic (PV) cells are the world #x27;s fastest growing energy source. In year t since 2007, PV cells were manufactured worldwide at a rate of S=3.7 e^0.61 t gigawatts per year. ^9 Estimate the total solar energy generating capacity of the PV cells manufactured between 2007 and 2011.Watch the full video at: get lost on homework again. Numerade is a STEM learning website and app with the world’s largest STEM video library.Join today and access millions of expert-created videos, each one skillfully crafted to teach you how to solve tough problems step-by-step.Join Numerade today at:


Wildlife Paradise in Panama’s Darién Rainforest [Video]

Panama’s remote Darién rainforests host more species of birds and wildlife than you can possibly imagine. From rare harpy eagles to chittering white-faced capuchin, the sounds and sights of this remote jungle are like nothing you’ve ever seen. I’ve just returned from Canopy Camp, an eco-camp right at the heart of this remarkable rainforest.To support my channel and the wildlife rehabilitation and conservation work I do, please donate here: or join one of my supporter communities in exchange for behind the scenes content here: NATIONAL PARKLocated in the infamous Darién Gap, a jungle so dense it stopped the Pan-American Highway in its tracks, this region is one of the wildest places on the planet and one of the best places to watch the myriad, and colourful, species of both Central and South America.ECO CAMP PARADISEThe wealth of wildlife to enjoy here is something the owners of Canopy Camp understand all too well. This eco-camp, where wildlife is encouraged to wander past the lodges – bananas are left out for the Geoffroy’s tamarins to scoff and guides are on hand to take you into the swampy lowlands to see eagles – was my base for a few days as I explored the wetlands and jungle to film the fauna. You can find out more about the camp here: & SIGHTSSoak up the sounds of the jungle as you watch this snapshot of the amazing bird and wildlife of panama. See whooping motmots, long-billed starthroats, collard aracari, slaty-tailed trogon, lineated woodpeckers, black vultures, king vultures, grey-cheeked nunlets, black-cheeked woodpeckers (they were hilarious to watch), a roadside hawk, rufous-tailed jacamar, and, something I really enjoyed seeing after my close studies of common kingfishers, American pygmy kingfishers. You can follow the stories of Canopy Camp’s wildlife on their YouTube channel here: #darién #robertefuller I am a British wildlife artist based in Thixendale, North Yorkshire, UK. I build ideal habitats to encourage wildlife into my garden and use nest cams to study their behaviour. These studies inform my paintings. I share the best of my video research on this channel for free. If you would like to support my work please consider a small donation here: of course you may like to purchase my artwork which you will find on my website: Many of the paintings are portraits of the creatures you watch here!© Robert E FullerCopyright Disclaimer: Please feel free to share my videos but do not download any content without permission with the intent to re-upload. If you would like to license any content, please get in touch with me at: mail@robertefuller.comStay Connected! You can also follow me on these platforms:Visit my website: https://www.robertefuller.comFacebook:


$0 Energy Cost? Chamath Palihapitiya on Energy. NightTime Solar Tech. Energy From Space Solar Panels [Video]

Cost of energy will go to $0. Chamath Palihapitiya on Energy, interview with Lex Fridman. Night-time solar’ technology can now deliver power in the dark. Harvesting energy with space solar panels could power the Earth 24/7I’m not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. Do your own research. This video is for entertainment purpose only. If you want to say Thank You, you can buy me a coffee. Platform I’m using:’m using Wise app for money transfers: Chamath Palihapitiya: Money, Success, Startups, Energy, Poker & Happiness | Lex Fridman Podcast: energy with space solar panels could power the Earth 24/7:’Night-time solar’ technology can now deliver power in the dark:–technology-can-now-deliver-power-in-the-darkTags: #tesla #teslastock #tsla #stocks #investing #stockinvesting #freeenergy #stocktobuynow #startups #renewableenergy #solarenergy #solarpower Tesla Stock Price, Tesla Share Price, tesla stockChamath Palihapitiya, lex fridman, interview, solar panels, solar energyspacex, space solar power plant, night time solar energy, tesla solar panels, tesla energy, BYD energy, BYD batteries