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5 Ways to Reduce Your Livestock Feed Costs [Video]

Join this channel to get access to perks: are a small homestead in south central Oregon living the best sustainable life as possible. We raise goats, rabbits, and heritage birds. Follow along as we divulge our secrets to surviving off-grid on solar power and growing our own food.Keep up with us between uploads on Instagram: @spragueriverhomesteadWe’re also on Facebook:


Signs you need help with home renovation | ARCHITECA DESIGN-BUILD FIRM [Video]

With time everything damages- the same happens with your beautiful house. No matter the way you take care of your home, the deterioration process is inevitable. However, renovating your home can fix several issues caused due to aging.Here are signs that show your house is in a grave need of renovation!Any questions?Get FREE 30-mins Consultation #homebuilder #construction #constructionservice #budgethomes #architecture #builders #homeinnovation #exteriorwork #interiorworks #elevation #architeca #bestbuilder #nagercoilbuilders #tirunelvelibuilders #Tirunelveliconst #tenkasi #tenkasi360 #tenkasidistrict


Hydropower Plant as a Renewable Energy Potential in Ponorogo [Video]

Based on the geographical location of Indonesia which is so diverse with alternative energy sources that can be utilized, it is a challenge for Indonesian researchers to conduct research studies to find alternative energy sources that can be used to meet energy. One of the alternative energy sources that can be developed is hydroelectric power plants. The Ngebel hydropower plant is an alternative to solve this problem. The Ngebel hydropower plant is located in the village of Wagir Lor, Ngebel District, Ponorogo Regency, East Java. PLTA Ngebel is one of the benefits that can be taken from Telaga Ngebel, other benefits are as flood control, irrigation, raw water supply for inland fisheries and as a marine tourism object. The power that can be generated at the Ngebel hydropower plant is 225 MW. The effective volume is 1920 million m3 with a service area capability of 10,000 ha.#RenewableEnergy #SKLPolinema #MatrikPolinema #ProjectAssignment1


Job Interviewing Skills Course: Pass Any Job Interview! – learn Career Development [Video]

link to this course Interviewing Skills Course: Pass Any Job Interview! – learn Career DevelopmentBest Career Development CourseCreate an Unforgettable First Impression and Answer Any Questions with Ease by Mastering Your Job Interviewing Skills.You’ll learn essential interviewing skills for any job interview, promotion or higher education interviews.,How to plan and prepare for any job interview.,Learn how to make an unforgettable first impression.,How to answer tough interview questions.,How to write winning resumes and CVs.,How to dramatically improve your confidence for any interview.A computer or Mobile device and Headphones (Optional),A Notepad and Pen (Optional),A hunger to learn!,So, you apply for a job that you know you’d be fantastic at doing and you get called for an interview… nWhat next?  Hope for the best on the day?  “Wing” it?,Why risk losing a great opportunity by not understanding what it is that the interviewees actually want to hear from you?,Job interviews may be considered “unfair” in some respects, but everyone is in the same boat, and if you don’t know or follow the “rules of the game”, you will be at a severe disadvantage.,Interview Guru is a renowned world-leading interview training programme that is now available on Udemy.  Covering everything you could want or need to know about the interview process, the modules cover resume writing, interview research and preparation, body language as well as tackling any confidence issues or nerves on the big day.  All the bases are covered in this very comprehensive course.,What’s more, our experts have identified 41 of the most asked tough interview questions and we talk through the theory of why they are being asked, as well as giving you excellent model answers you can easily adapt to your own situation.,About the instructors,JAMES LUCKHURST,James is a renowned expert on interview skills both for the job market and also for higher education and is in demand for in-person training at educational establishments across Europe.  He also trains networking and CV/personal statement writing, further essential skillsto learn when attempting to secure a job and then helping to rise the career ladder. Interview Guru is the fruit of many years of experience and training, and what James does not know about interview training is not worth knowing.,,PETER BAKER,Peter has had almost 40 years working in broadcast television and radio as a presenter and voiceover artist.  He knows the great importance of visual and aural presentation skills when it comes to giving the best impression at a job interview.  He has worked at a variety of radio stations in the UK, had years as a BBC TV News presenter and reporter, and also ran a TV channel based at ITV Granada.   Here, he had to hire many new production staff, yet so many people he interviewed could have “come over” so much better.  His experience and knowledge over the years in the media are drawn upon for the content in this Interview Guru course.,Anyone, young or old, who could be invited to a job interview, internal promotion or higher education interview soon, and needs to learn solid, proven interviewing skills, interview tips and information they’ll need to be successful.,Anyone, young or old, who could be invited to a job interview, internal promotion or higher education interview soon, and needs to learn solid, proven interviewing skills, interview tips and information they’ll need to be successful.