Wind Power, Explained [Video]

Wind power is a definition of cheap and clean energy. Working on the wind, it’s not only doesn’t emit any emissions but also makes the fuel price practically zero. It’s one of the fastest-growing renewable energy sources, and for a good reason. But it’s not perfect, and there are plenty of problems that need to be addressed. While the fuel is free, catching it costs taxpayers billions of dollars. There is also an open discussion about what we’ll do with thousands of wind turbines once they reach the end of their lifetime, which is pretty short, about 20 years. However, at the same time, there are still a lot of great things about wind power. I’ll talk about it all in this video.Dispelling The Myths About Nuclear Power: Power, Explained. The Race To Create A Star On Earth: out other videos from this series: me: itstheshevtsov@gmail.comBusiness inquiries: sheorig@outlook.comDirected by Valentin Shevtsov.© Shevtsov Originals, 2021.Veritas, scientia, realitas.


The Destruction of Nature Is as Dangerous as Climate Change [Video]

In ‘Planet A’, VICE World News takes viewers on a global tour of the ecosystems that sustain life on earth to expose the existential threats that reach far beyond climate change. Planet A is supported by @Zurich Insurance Group#sponsored #viceworldnewsSubscribe to VICE News here: out VICE News for more: http://vicenews.comFollow VICE News here:Facebook: videos from the VICE network: #News #Sponsored

Climate Change

Rainforests in the DRC: “a solution” for climate change [Video]

The Congo Basin is home to the second-largest tropical forest on the planet. We take a look at how the Democratic Republic of the Congo with the help of the EU is helping to fight climate change and restore biodiversity there.