Why Delmedico is Losing The Storm, Why I missed Hunter’s RoofCon and the future of Roofing Events! [Video]

Honest talk about RoofCon and my relationship with Hunter Ballew, why I stopped attending Win The Storm 3 years ago, the future of roofing events, Antony Delmedico Controversy and why he is not the one to fight insurance companies, and why many have left and keep living SVG because of shady practices, bad culture, broken promises and unethical behavior. Comment below your experience with Win The Storm, RoofCon and Roofing Process Conference if you attended last two years! We listen to constructive criticism and make changes!Roofing Insights Podcast available:Spotify: Podcasts: more information about Roofing Insights visit https://roofinginsights.comFor business help and exclusive content check out https://roofing-school.comFind the best roofing contractors in your area: https:/directorii.comRoofing contractors from the list are backed by a $20,000 guaranteeHelping Roofers Become Successful Business Owners. Want have a better understanding and learn how to operate a business? If you answered yes to the following question you’re in the right place, this is the top roofing channel on YouTube where you can apply everything from product reviews to commonly made mistakes others have made so you don’t make them.===========================Roofing Insights Amazon Store:’s Connect:Facebook:

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Best Solar Panels For Home Use – Eliminate Electric Bills! [Video] – Best Solar Panels For Home UseBefore buying I wanted to know what were the best solar panels for home use. I had seen a lot of solar panels popping up everywhere on telephone poles, highways, and commercial buildings, so this got me thinking about solar panels for my home. When I first looked into the best solar panels for home use I found that buying solar panels was going to be very expensive. I also realized that the price didn’t really change whether you were looking at what some people were saying were the best solar panels for home use or not! Later I found out that for the most part all solar panels are created equal anyway so it didn’t really matter. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on solar panels for my home so I started looking into ways to pay less…After hours and hours of research online I found out a couple of things that were way more important than the best solar panels for home use. I found out how to easily save some money! The bad news is that information didn’t come easily. The good news is that I made a FREE guide you can use to discover what I did easily. In the guide I’ll show you how to literally cut the price of solar panels in half or more regardless if they are the top branded, best solar panels for home use or not. I’ll also show you how you can “buddy up” and get solar panels for practically nothing!GET YOUR FREE GUIDE HERE: http://www.sunnyincentives.comThe fact is I think most people don’t really care what the best solar panels for home use are. They want the best solar panels because they think it will save them the most money on their energy costs. A faster way to do this is to not spend a small fortune on solar panels up front. Even if they were the best solar panels for home use you would have to wait until you recouped your investment before you’d start appreciating any savings. If you want to save money right away you need to make sure you pay as little as possible for your solar panels. Use my free guide to help make this possible. I’ll show you how to quickly and easily access government incentives as well as the newest most hassle free way to go solar to date!I decided to come back and make this video about the “best solar panels for home use” so that others could find out what I did before they spent a lot more money than they had to! People need to know what really matters when going solar and unfortunately it’s not which solar panels are the best solar panels for home use but rather how are you going to be buying your solar panels so that you don’t wipe out your savings account. Good luck!Additional resources about the best solar panels for home use:Best Solar Panels – Reviews of Roof Panels for Homes Feb 5, 2015 – Solar panels promise to lower your electricity bill by supplementing the energy you buy from the local power company. But choosing and …Which Solar Panel Type is Best? Mono-, Polycrystalline or … Jump to Best Solar Panel Type for Home Use – Having your particular situation evaluated by an expert would be the best way to find out what solar …Cheapest (Best Value) Solar Panels – Energy Informative You are now left with how much you are paying for every kWh of electricity the solar panels produce ($/kWh). Divide again by hundred to get cents/kWh.


Opinion: The rush to net-zero could hit the economy as hard as the 1973-74 oil crisis [Video]

A daunting amount of work needs to be done in a relatively short time and the collective bill in the form of higher carbon taxes and pricing, new regulations and deficit-financed government subsidies will be enormous