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Great white shark recently tracked off Atlantic City, NJ coast [Video]

A nearly 900-pound, 11-foot-long great white shark pinged off the coast of Atlantic City, New Jersey as she made her way north last weekend.

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The Gold Rush | The Indian Doctor [Video]

As the suave doctor Robert renews his acquaintance with childhood sweetheart Megan, older brother Basil ingratiates himself with villagers eager to exchange their house deeds as a deposit on a swanky house in his new development. Aled and Daf clumsily conjure an ambitious plan to end Basils ambitions.


Boundaries In Parenting | [Video]

Talking Points: Parents help kids to develop internal mechanisms, called boundaries, that teach kids to take ownership of their lives. Parenting is about transferring ownership to your kids teaching them about safety, respect and setting goals and sticking to them. Discipline reinforces the boundaries you’re trying to teach. Discipline should be costly, age appropriate and […]