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The Coming Housing Market Crash. [Video]

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The Housing Market Crash.

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Female Banker Suspended For Sleeping With Over 200 Men Seeking For Jobs Face of Malawi [Video]

A female banker whose name has been identified as Mutale Winfridah 39 years of age has been suspended by a bank she works for in Zambia known as ZANACO after he was accused by 10 men of sleeping with them with the hopes that she would secure jobs for them.

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Elon Musk Says Teslas Model S Plaid to Launch in China Next Year [Video]

The Tesla CEO said the high-end sedan, which is priced starting around $130,000, should come to the worlds largest electric-vehicle market probably around March.

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Tesla Giga Berlin has received two more early approvals, announced Brandenburgs Ministry of the Environment. Another round of repetition discussions about Giga Berlins full permit approval is scheduled to start on Tuesday. Giga Berlins latest set ofpreliminary permitsallow Tesla to construct more parts of the factorys wastewater pretreatment plant and install technical equipment in the []