This Bitcoin Interview Will Blow Your Mind: Jason Lowery [Video]

This Bitcoin Interview Will Blow Your Mind: Jason Lowery

This is a MUST WATCH.

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Why Not New Nuclear Power? [Video]

Mark Jacobson, energy scientist and professor from Stanford University, gives a brilliant synopsis of the reasons why nuclear power can’t help solve the climate crisis and even makes the problem worse.Excerpted from "Clean Energy Technology & Disinformation" - CleanAir_Canada Partnership, May 12, 2022 by Cassie Norton - "Move Forward"


Complete 48V Code Compliant Equipment and Scalable Offgrid Solar Power System [Video]

Part's list and blueprints: sure to check with local laws and regulations for your electrical code. Some places are more strict or lax than others! Many places will require conduit for the PV conductors. 0:00 Intro2:13 Mounting Devices Safely3:08 Component Overview3:48 Inverter Connection and Cable Sizing4:24 Fuse/Circuit Breaker 4:43 Battery Cable Sizing5:17 Server Battery Connection5:32 PV Disconnect and Limits6:53 AC Output Connection and Discussion12:12 Programming the Inverters for Split Phase Output13:45 Testing Output Voltage14:31 Conclusion~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Does off-grid solar confuse you? Check out my DIY friendly website for solar system blueprints and packages, and much more! our DIY solar community! #1 largest solar forum on the internet for beginners and professionals alike: https://www.diysolarforum.comCheck out my best-selling, beginner-friendly 12V off-grid solar book (affiliate link): solar equipment recommendations (Constantly updated! Check here first):12V Lithium Batteries: Rack LiFePO4 deals: LiFePO4 Batteries: Solar Panels: Solar Panels: All-in-one Solar Systems: Systems: Battery Cell Deals: LiFePO4 BMS: Inverters: Battery Chargers: Charge Controllers: Panel Mounting Guide: Fuses: Monitors: Tools: fridges: Friendly Air Conditioner/ Heat Pumps: Stores for DIY Solar and Coupon Codes:-Current Connected: SOK, Victron and High Quality Components. Best prices and warranty around: Solar: Cheap Server Rack Batteries and Large Solar Panels -Amperetime: Cheapest 12V batteries around: Solar: Mega site and cheaper prices than renogy! Check them out: Cheap cell deals off code: diysolar-Watts 24/7: Best deals on all-in-one solar power systems, with customer support and distribution here in the USA: Information:I am NOT available for personal solar system consult! No exceptions! All emails asking me to design or help with building your system will be deleted. If you are a business or youtuber and wish to contact me, this is my direct email: williamprowsediysolar@gmail.comJoin the forum at if you wish to hang out with myself and others and talk about solarAffiliate information and disclaimers:Every video includes some form of paid promotion or sponsorship. Links in description are affiliate links. My videos are for educational purpose only. Information is subject to change/update at anytime. Electricity is DANGEROUS and can kill. Be smart and use common sense :)DIY Solar Power with Will Prowse is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program,An affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to FTC Disclosure Statement:Some links on this youtube channel may be affiliate links. We may get paid if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these.


Power grid q4 results, power grid share latest news, Power grid results, Power grid latest news [Video]

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