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This INSANE Plan Can Power the World On Solar 24 Hours a Day! [Video]

This INSANE Plan Can Power the World On Solar 24 Hours a Day!

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Solar power has exploded over the past 2 decades, and prices for solar panels have absolutely plummeted. But as great as solar is, it has a problem, they’re unless at night. But it’s always daytime somewhere, and we already have roads and fiber optic lines that span continents, so what if we built a worldwide power grid and solar network? Would it even be possible, what would it cost, and would it be worth it? I was so curious about this, that I decided to make a video, so let’s dive in. This INSANE Plan Can Power the World On Solar 24 Hours a Day!

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00:00 Introduction
02:20 The Premise
05:51 Locations
07:28 The Solar Panels
09:56 Thermal Solar?
10:39 Power Transmission
12:13 DC vs AC
13:14 Wire Material
14:55 Other Challenges
16:52 Conclusions

what we’ll cover
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Taking my TESLA to the Mountains in Mammoth Lakes and THIS happened! [Video]

#autopilotdied #mammothlakes #roadtrip #tesla #teslamodely #teslaroadtrip #ev #charging Another roadtrip to Mammoth Lakes. But this time, something weird happened to my autopilot. I had no idea how to fix it but I eventually did! I may do a separate video on this just in case this happens to you as my cruise control, blind spot monitoring, and basic autopilot all didn't work no matter what I tried. This is part 1! Part two are all the fun things I do in Mammoth. Here's my blog if you want to read about it! Intro00:55- My Dog’s Cancer Journey02:56- Pack List and Preparation05:21- Driving to Tesla Inyokern Supercharger06:07- Trying to charge Tesla with Rivian Adventure Network07:06- Inyorkern Tesla Supercharger 07:49- Inyorkern to Lone Pine08:50- Lone Pine Tesla Supercharger10:04- Alabama Hills Hikes15:35- Autopilot Cameras Unavailable 16:33- Bishop Tesla Supercharger 18:54- Convict Lake hike 20:33- Westin Monache Air BnB 21:35- Mammoth Lakes Part 1 Summary~~Purchase the items Below! It’s easy for you and helps support this channel~~ Iceco cooler- Tesmanian Cooler- Code: EVERDAYCHRIS627 for 10% OFF// Detailed Road Trip Tesla Packing List // Detailed Modey 3/Y 2022 Delivery Checklist Guide with Photos // Interested in Tesla Solar? //Get $300 for your next SOLAR Panel purchase and $500 for your Solar Roof! 3D Maxpider Floor Mats // Code for $10 OFF: EVERYDAYCHRIS// Tesmanian Floor Mats Set // CODE for 10% off: Everydaychris627// Hills Natural Wood or Carbon fiber Dashboard Cover in my Tesla // Drift Nautral Car Air Freshener // Code for 10% OFF: EVERYDAYCHRIS10// Jowua Accessories // Code for 5% OFF: EVERYDAYCHRIS// MagBak Wireless Cell Phone Charger Tesla // Code for 15% OFF: EVERYDAYCHRIS_CHRIS15OFF// Cnick Tesla Key Ring 5% OFF // Amazon: My Aftermarket Tesla Replika R241 Wheels // Code for $100 OFF- EVERYDAYCHRIS// Larq UV Sanitizing Water Bottle // Best Tesla Accessories You NEED // (Part 1) (Part 2)//Best TINT for your TESLA// Is Matte Wrap or PPF or Paint Protection Film Worth it??// My Amazon Favorites (Tesla Accessories, Camera Gear)// Amazon Shop: Try Amazon Kindle 30 Day Free Trial: Try Amazon Prime for Free: // JOIN MY ADVENTURES!! // Read my Blog- Follow me on Twitter- Follow me on Instagram- Follow me on TikTok- Epidemic SoundsSign up for free 30 days- CONTACT //For business inquires only: everydaychrisofficial@gmail.comDISCLAIMER: Links in this description may be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links I may earn a small commission. Thank you for supporting the channel!

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Climate crisis: how beetles and fire are devouring European forests [Video]

A combination of record-high temperatures and drought saw France lose some 65,000 hectares of forest this summer to rampaging wildfires. These same conditions saw the Bark beetle flourish, devouring a staggering 11,000 hectares, one-quarter, of the Franconian Forest in Germany.

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Q Cell G10 400W Hands On Review [Video]

Book a Call: Solar Surge will teach you all about being energy independent and how to set up your home to run off-the-grid during an emergency. We empower families to take control of their energy generation and storage so that they will never be left in the dark without electricity. In this video, Joe takes a look at the Q cells 400W G10 solar panel. This is the most popular residential solar panel in the US in 2022. New enhancements include 12 bus bar design and Zero-Gap technology. *FREE eBook* Built to Survive - -- CONNECT WITH US -- Website: LinkedIn: -- LINKS -- Q cells 400W:

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Top 5 solar panels for home 2022In this video Jason is going to share with you his list of the best solar panels for home use in 2022/2023. Every panel in this list has its pros and cons but all of them can become a great energy solution for your house. Enjoy!☀️☀️☀️Download free A1SolarStore guide on saving money with solar energy here:☀️☀️☀️Subscribe to A1 SOLAR to learn more about solar energy and ecology in general every week. We want to unite people sharing our values and willing to contribute to conservation of the global environment. Start making difference right now - share this video with your friends and relatives to raise awareness about environmental issues.You can find more cool stuff about solar energy in our social networks: instagram blog