Web Appraisal: 14K Gold Vanity Sets, ca. 1905 | Antiques Roadshow [Video]

GUEST: They were my great grandparents'.

I have my great grandmother's dresser set, and my great grandfather's.

And they're 14-carat gold.

They moved in their house in 1905, so I would assume that it's 1905.

APPRAISER: They are a gentleman's dresser set and a lady's dresser set, and there's

two companies involved here.

The gentleman's set was made by William Kerr Company up in the Newark, New Jersey area.

And the other one is a Gorham Corporation out of Providence, Rhode Island.

They're both 14-carat gold.

They're not solid 14-carat gold.

Some of the pieces of gold are quite thin.

The bristles on the brushes are boar bristles.

You've got some wonderful beveled mirrors.

You've got some perfume decanters and some little vanity pins, a hair receiver, a powder

container, and they have designs on them.

They were carved with wheels.

Now, the Gorham Company acquired the Kerr Company in about 1906.

So I think your date is right on.

We've got 28 pieces …

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